Nissan Sakura + Mitsubishi eK-X EV Surpass 50,000 Sold

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Feb 1, 2022
It has been just over a year since Nissan and Mitsu started sales for their joint developed Sakura and eK-X EV, but combined they have surpassed 50,000 cars sold! :cool:

Auto makers seem to be moving towards larger SUV type vehicles, but here's to hoping they make it overseas in the future!

Having taken the eK-X EV for a test drive, I was pleasantly surprised by how roomy it felt, especially for a K-car.
The interior also felt much more upscale compared to the i-MiEV.

Source (Japanese):
miggols99, thank you for this. Google Translate didn't provide much information, but I found this Wiki which covers both the Nissan Sakura and the Mitsubishi eK-X EV -

Hey, it's a foot shorter and 4" narrower than our North American i-MiEV (recognizing that the North American i-MiEV is a bloated version of what was available in the rest of the world).

With a 20kWh battery, it's still below the perceived range needs of the clueless majority; however, just like our i-MiEVs, it can serve most people's daily workhorse needs. I am seriously bummed out that there are no i-MiEV-sized electric vehicles for sale in the US , as even the electric Mini is 7" longer and 8" wider than our i-MiEVs. With front-wheel drive, I wonder if this Nissan/Mitsu still retains the fantastic turning radius of our i-MiEV?
JoeS said:
I wonder if this Nissan/Mitsu still retains the fantastic turning radius of our i-MiEV?

Apparently the turning radius comes in at 4.8m for both so fairly comparable to the 4.5m? of the i-MiEV.

eK X EV Dimensions
Here's a Fully Charged video about the Sakura. Unfortunately, he gives Mitsubishi no credit for what I thought was a joint partnership development effort.

A very worthy successor to our i-MiEV triplet family, IMO, although they didn't show if the seats fold down fully flat like the i-MiEV. I find that I am really bothered by this particular shortcoming in both my Teslas MS85 and especially the Hyundai Kona Electric.
JoeS said:
Here's a Fully Charged video about the Sakura
I saw this too. It is rather unfortunate that he doesn't even mention the eK-X EV in the video.

Also, it looks like the seats don't fold flat.


I have to say I do prefer the i-MiEV in that regard.

If they do bring the Sakura/eK-X EV outside of Japan, I expect they will have to make a few changes to the design so it complies to safety regulations and so on.