Need pcb from charger

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Nov 27, 2023
Anyone who got a spare part I can buy
It's the small pcb on top from the charger part number 9499a437.
Please add your location to your profile so we can know where in the world you are located without asking.

Post a picture of what you are needing--your description and that number don't really help understand what you are asking, at least to me it doesn't
its this one
I'm located in Denmark.

If that is your box, then the earth ground wire in the upper left corner appears to be broken at the lug connection.
Also some of the electrolytic capacitor appear to have puffed up tops, e.g. C701, c705, c706

Otherwise it looks brand new
Have you determined that your control board has a failure of some sort, or are you just throwing parts at it?

A failed control board is very rare in the list of failures of OBC, most failures are in either the AC Input section or the HV DC Output section. There are a few outliers that have resisted all efforts to repair, but in theory it should be possible to repair the OBC boards.
I hope anyone have a spare one.
It's most unlikely that anyone has a complete board spare.

There is also another board with way more electronics on it under this one. Have you checked the small capacitors in the DC output section that often fail?

To inspect the lower board, you need to disconnect a ribbon cable. Check the instructions linked from the index for how to disconnect this connector without damaging it.