low-budget steering wheel heater cover

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Nov 28, 2018
Hi Folks,

I installed this heated steering wheel cover on Maeve:
Plugs into 12V accessory socket and works well!
The furry surface isn't as solid as the actual wheel, but good enough.
The grip diameter is a bit bigger - fine with my big hands.

There are several places selling similar covers. Some of them say to only use the heater to pre-heat your steering wheel -
they don't want to be responsible for an accident caused by the wire wrapping around things.
I've turned the steering wheel lock to lock with no issues. And there's a non-locking power wire connector near
the wheel that will come loose with a modest tug.

Another option is in this thread:

Thanks and good health, Weogo
Does it work pretty quick? Seems like a good thing to have when it gets crazy cold. I wonder if there's some kind of wireless one that you could use when driving. I saw the link about the other thread, but I'd prefer something factory made rather than jerry rigging one myself.