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Dec 6, 2011
Tacoma area, WA
Perhaps a consolidated thread to compare collision damage reports in would be nice. I continue to be impressed by occupant protection evidenced in real-world i-wrecks. Only evidence of trouble inside this car was the airbag deployment and dashboard trouble light. Not even a cracked windshield. Of course some will interpret this as fragility, but all modern cars are designed to crumple rather than bounce off of obstacles. If this had hit my '87 F250, I doubt the rear bumper would have to be replaced...

Here's another front end collision that I looked at for salvage this morning on a 2012 blue-n-white premium edition. A very hard hit, looks like a pole to the front bumper, driver's side. Anyway, the driver protection amazed me. The footwell is intact behind all that damage, though the brake pedal looks a bit bent. The only airbag deployment was the steering wheel, despite secondary hits to the driver's door and rear quarter. 3 of the four wheels were bent badly.






The salvage yard already dissassembled everything, since the car wouldn't start. They want $750 for the drivetrain, $2k for the battery, a coupla hundred for the Nav/Radio unit, and $100 per seat. However, the battery inventory sheet said "170 kW". If it is actually sitting at 170V, I told 'em it is a boat anchor.... but if there's a mid-pack disconnect in the mix, it could be quite healthy...

Lemme know if there's any part you'd like a local eye on...
They haven't let me inspect the battery, as it is still way back in the chop shop and not racked in inventory yet (and I'm not willing to pay $2k). But I schmoozed a surly counter man and after buying the two front seats for asking price to put in Karmann Eclectric, I was able to buy the CHAdeMO inlet with about 5' of chopped off cable for a very nominal fee and got the vacuum pump as lagniappe! Not sure what to do with that inlet yet.
I hate to see an i-MiEV parted out (especially a rare 2014). It doesn't look like the damage is too severe and probably could be fixed.

As for the CHAdeMO inlet, I'd personally put together a CHAdeMO extension cable.

The battery is likely fine. For one of these packs to be seriously discharged, it would have to sit for a long time or have the contactors stuck on. I don't believe there is an easy way to measure pack voltage outside of the car.