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Sep 22, 2015
Mitsubishi Motors North America, Inc. is recalling an estimated 2,106 2012-2017 i-MiEV vehicles because water may penetrate the brake assist vacuum pump. This scenario can cause corrosion and result in failure of the brake vacuum pump.

If the brake vacuum pump malfunctions, the driver will experience a sudden loss of braking assist. This lengthens the distance needed to stop the vehicle, increasing the likelihood of a collision.

To fix the problem, MMNA will notify owners, and dealers will replace the brake vacuum pump, at no cost to owners.

The recall begins Jan. 7, 2020. Owners can reach MMNA customer service at (888) 648-7820.

MMNA’s reference number for this recall is SR-19-002.
Another vacuum pump recall ? :?

There was already a recall for the brake vacuum pump (at least in the EU/UK) many years ago...
According to Green Car Reports, this latest recall affects about 1% of all iMiEV's built. Any affected owners will be notified in January

Don said:
According to Green Car Reports, this latest recall affects about 1% of all iMiEV's built. Any affected owners will be notified in January


And here's the Green Car Reports link:
Just got the notices in the mail for both of my cars. Maybe now I'll get the airbag fixed in Bear while I'm at it. :mrgreen:
I too got notification today, for our 2014.

Hopefully the non-EV dealer that is 25 miles away can do the work, and I don't have to do the 78 mile trip to the EV-certified shop.

Thanks and good health, Weogo
Don said:
According to Green Car Reports, this latest recall affects about 1% of all iMiEV's built. Any affected owners will be notified in January

Well, looks like both of my cars are part of the 1% - Go figure! Got my letters yesterday

Wow, MR BEAN is also a one-percenter! Impressive for a 2012 that already had the previous vacuum pump replacement... :roll:
I'd love to see some detail on this fix versus the previous fix.
Maybe it affects all but 1%... i got the notices for kiev and kiev2, and Paul said he got one for piev. Not sure about the other two that he passed thru to family members. And i haven't checked with my pharmacist yet, who recently bought an excellent silver 2012 that i found for him.
Hi everyone, I'm brand new to this board. I've had my MiEV for about 5 years now but the last year it's just been parked in the garage. I haven't been able to drive it because the brake light is illuminated and there is a constant warning beep that won't shut off and I can't tell you how quick it can make you go insane. I already took the car to the local dealer in Tulsa and they had no idea what to do. They charged me $380 to replace some kind of brake switch. They had the car for weeks and when I finally go to pick it up, the battery hadn't been charged, I barely had enough range to get the 10 miles home, the back bottom seat wasn't installed it was sitting upright against the back seat and the beep was still on. They said whoops that didn't fix it, you still owe the $380 and now you need to pay $900 to have your ECU reprogrammed. So I parked the car for a year and now I get a letter explaining hopefully the exact thing that's wrong with my car is about to be fixed. Fingers crossed.
*If* the new brake vacuum pump fixes your brake warning light issue, I would jump all over MMNA to get back the $380 you already paid to have the issue fixed . . . . and bitch real loudly that it's also cost you the use of the car for a year. No doubt in my mind you can get them to refund the $380 to you . . . . *if* the new pump fixes your issue

Oh, it would also be good to find another dealer to take it to also, if you have one within range - The idiots you took it to last time don't deserve to make another dime off you or your car

Do you hear a pump run when the car is started? Usually, a persistent tone and BRAKE light indicates no vacuum assist. When everything is working normally, it's possible to recreate this by rapidly pumping the brake pedal.

See video here for the sound of the pump:

By the way, 1% of all i-MiEVs would cover the entirety of US i-MiEVs.
Scotterz, welcome to the forum. Sorry to hear you laid-up your i-MiEV because of abysmal service from the dealership.
Don said:
...I would jump all over MMNA to get back the $380 you already paid to have the issue fixed...Don
I agree with Don, and the quote for "reprogramming the ECU" is outrageous!

Does anyone know to whom (name and contact information) within MMNA, specifically, one should direct unresolved i-MiEV issues with dealerships, such as this example? I prefer to first work within an organization before escalating externally.

Back on topic, hope this vacuum pump recall takes care of your issues.
I would try the Customer Service number on the recall letter first - (888) 648-7820. This will get you to an English speaking representative located in Tennessee and they *should* be able to help you

I just got off the phone with them. We no longer have a 'local' dealer and for the last two recalls, both of our cars have had to be trucked 110 miles to Pensacola Florida to be serviced. The first time it took lots of finagling to get to where Mitsu agreed to pick up the bill for transporting both cars to and from, but the second time it was no problem at all

This time, since I know where the vacuum pump is located and how easy it would be for ME to change it, I suggested they mail me the pumps, I'd change them and mail the old ones back to them - Case closed! Nope, "All work must be done by certified Mitsu mechanics" so they're only too happy to truck the cars over and back to get the recalls done

Well, I tried my best to make it simple for all involved, but . . . . .

Vacuum pump replacement at local dealer service department can be performed in about 45 minutes once appropriate part is in stock.

Installation includes new rubber grommets /eyelets which very effectively isolate the three point bracket beneath the pump from the car body.

Especially for those of you with distant dealerships, I'd recommend that you call ahead and confirm all is ready for your repair, and in no uncertain terms.
I scheduled my recall appointment for Jan 20th, but had free time yesterday on the 15th. I called to check for an open appointment, mentioned the recall and that I wanted to maker sure that the certified Tech, "Mike" was ready to go. The appointment setter, said, "I don't know the techs, please hold a minute...". She then came back and set an appointment with me for two hours later. Upon arrival at the dealer 26 miles away, the service advisor kind of blanched when he saw me coming and said.... "Uh, Mike is out for training this week, but we have a second certified tech now, let me check with him." A few minutes later he returned and said, "Yeah, he could do it, but the part isn't due to arrive until Jan 25th... how about I call you when it gets here?
This sort of basic organizational incompetence has been on display for most of my visits to multiple dealerships. Thank goodness EV owners have need of their services so rarely!
Just got this done on Koorz. Sounds the same, but it is a new pump.


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