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Benjamin Nead

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Nov 8, 2011
Tucson, Arizona, USA
I was looking through online Tesla 3 news this morning when I came across a Forbes article, titled "Why wait for the Tesla 3? Here are the affordable electric cars you can buy right now." It's one of those items where you have to click through 3 pages to get the whole story and I first assumed that they would pass over the i-MiEV, perhaps buying into the popular but incorrect "the i-MiEV is dead" meme. But there it was, right at the top of the final page: a picture and with none of the usual condescending remarks . . .

I think this partial quote from the article accurately sums why many of us like it so much . . .

"The i-MiEV is based on a Japanese-market city car with a rear-mounted engine, which explains the egg-like shape, but it offers a surprising amount of room in both the front and back seats. The i-MiEV is the electric version of minimalist motoring; its interior is free of the fancy gee-gaws found in most electric cars . . .

Now that the Tesla 3 is beginning to get a large populace thinking positively about the concept of electric cars, perhaps the old style anti-EV mainstream media FUD is finally be starting to crumble away? We'll see.
It's about time :mrgreen: .

I don't agree with their thing about dealerships expanding sales and support, though. Good luck finding a 2016 model. But I try to be optimistic that Mitsubishi will one day actually try to sell this car.
Tons of 2016s here in Austin. I am not affiliated with the dealership, I just love this car. Don't pay MSRP
Well, I found another one . . .

I like the way the author frames the review with humor and let's it be known right off the bat that he's - my words - part of the automotive reviewer boutique bourgeois (note the shopping list of hideously expensive performance cars he was recently assigned to drive.) Yet he completely "gets it" in regards to the i-MiEV and, apparently, owns one that he's put almost 39K miles on.
Great minds think alike! See: