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May 12, 2023

I have scanned these following codes with obdlink mx+ and would like to know what is the problem with my i-miev.

The "U1nnn" codes are related to an error in the CAN Buss communications between the various ECUs. Generally when seeing so many U-codes such as this, the cause is due to an old, weak or worn out 12V starter battery. So replace and/or recharge it fully, and then try again, and pull the codes again. Many times this will clear many if not all of the codes.

The "Pnnnn" codes are more serious but until the U codes are resolved then the P codes may not be valid.
Thanks for the fast response

The 12V battery is new and recharged, it shows 12.5V.
When pulling codes in the ACC position it shows me codes U1111 , U1100 , U1101 and U1108 these codes I was able to clear.
When turning it to the ON postion the previous codes appear and I am not able to clear them, pulled the service plug to check fuses and now P0A0A code has popped up aswell.
I have checked all the fuses and ECUs what on visual inspection seem to be fine.

What should be my next steps?
i would expect a new battery to read 12.8 or more, and definitely more than 12.5; when load is applied the voltage will sag, so it needs to be checked while loaded to determine if it is weak although "new".

Electric cars are not plug and play--always disconnect the 12V battery when messing around with the HV pack or devices connected to the pack. The latest code is due to d/c of the service plug while the 12V was still connected thru the interlock switch.
Service Plug Wiring Diagram:
Online Service Manual Link:
Online Service Manual
The battery was around 12.9V but under load it was 12.5V.

The car has been sitting for almost 2 years without the 12V battery could it be ther cause of the "U1nnn" codes?

And are there any alternatives to MUT.3 to perform the "BMU Learning Value Manual Writing"?
Yes the model year and history of the car would have been an important detail to reveal in the first post.
The Cell Monitoring Unit boards in the pack get powered from both the 12V battery and the modules to which they are attached; i suspect that the cells are drained themselves while sitting for so long.
Relay and harness connector contact surfaces may be oxidized from sitting unused for a long time; wiring may have rodent damage, etc. It is a tedious task to check and verify all the wiring, relays, fuses, connectors, but that is what will be needed to troubleshoot electrical problems.

Does the obdlink give you the cell voltages?
Oh yea forgot to add the cars year and history. It is a 2012 i-miev what had been sitting for nearly 2 years and the Electric motor unit warning lamp is illuminating. This is all the info I know about the car.

https://imgur.com/a/OpARGWk And I belive these are supposed to be the cell voltages?
Oh yes that is the 88 cell voltages and they are all very good and closely grouped in voltage with no drop outs. Looks like you have a good pack when charged up near the top--how many bars are you seeing on the fuel gauge?

When you turn the key to start, do you hear the relays and contactors making a clacking noise of the contacts trying to go to READY?

try taking off the negative terminal for 10 minutes, then connect and wait a minute or two, then try to start; clear the errors if the scan tool has that function; try this cycle a few times and this might clear the U codes, then you will be able to get the real error codes. If CAN is not talking then the car won't go to READY, but it is a good sign that the CAN to the OBDII port seems to be working.
I am seeing 12bars on the fuel gauge.

Where should the relay clack noise come from? Because I have not noticed any clacks.

The negative terminal has been off of the car many times and I am still not able to clear the codes.
P0562 could be key, did you check out below?


But you are correct, if the aux battery was disconnected for so long some parameters need to be set manually (once everything else works), apart from MUT 3 only Lexia/Diagbox (Peugeot/Citroen diagnostic) has such capabilities.
Managed to get my hands on a lexia3/diagbox. I was able to clear the codes.
After cranking the warning light becomes illuminated again and these two codes appear:
Okay that is getting the DTCs down to a workable level, but the P1A15 is a troublesome code related to the HV measurement circuit in the MCU that will prevent the car from going to READY. There is a special thread for this code with various solutions tried to solve the issue. Search for 'No READY. P1A15' to find a thread started by user Lic. Or someone can post a link to it if you can't find it; [edit] it was in the active topics list when i searched back 1 month, https://myimiev.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=4225
Managed to get the car up and running.
Altrough when clearing the code P1A15 finally I had the seats removed and it gave me some airbag codes.
To remove the airbag codes I ordered a icarsoft i909 and today managed to clear the airbag codes.
The forum was a lot of help.
Big thanks from a young Estonian car enthusiast.
Congratulations, well done…

To avoid the airbag issue simply make sure your seat connectors are plugged in fully before you re-connect the 12V aux battery.

Btw you can clear the fault with HobDrive also, see below: