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Apr 1, 2024
I am finally turning 18 and so I'm thinking of buying a 2014 Mitsubishi i-miev but I really want to go on trips and stuff with it, I don't know too much about cars but I've been researching a lot. I know the car is electric and compact but does anyone know if there is a possibility of changing the motor or something so its not just 60 miles on a full charge. I don't want to stop every 60 miles to charge it. If not then whats your process on a road trip? Like if your staying in a hotel and there's not charging stations around.
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The miev excels as a daily commuter if the round trip distance is about 40-50 miles. It was never intended or good as a long distance travel or trip car.

Use it for in town commuting, and then rent a car or truck or van as the case is needed for spring break trips, hauling a big group or a pallet of shingles.

The battery pack can be replaced with newer cells that have a greater capacity and will extend the range to about 100 miles, but that is still just a commuting car distance. If you want to travel cross county then buy a tesla.

In an EV the most important performance element is the energy capacity of the main battery pack. The electric motor just converts that energy into rotational power to move the vehicle.

Little to no improvement in driving range could be realized by changing to a different motor (if that could even be done)--it's just not a thing.
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