And we can still use the China cabinet!

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Dec 6, 2011
Tacoma area, WA
I picked up the jellybean display from my local dealership years ago, but they were far more reluctant to let go of the neon green video display. Well, I’m happy to report that with time and relationship cultivation plus the addition of a late afternoon pizza for the crew, the super rare point of sale display is now part of my home decor.
That’s cool. Glad you were able to get one. I tried my local dealer a few years ago as their’s was shoved into a corner and had an inch of dust on it. A week later it was gone, having supposedly gone back to corporate.
I see that it "was nicknamed "pizza butt" because it was designed for use by Domino's Pizza."
A bit unfair, nice styling.
Parking in your toasty entrance hall beats having to set the heater to warm-up on a cold morning...... :->
Here’s a better view, plus the custom dolly to match the heavy steel base , made from a broken office chair- just popped out the casters, drilled thru the holes, and re-inserted the casters for inverted use as a flat dolly!


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