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May 3, 2015
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The electric compressor has an integrated inverter. [type: EV30AN3, 3500W cooling capacity]
It is a High voltage (360VDC) actuated component.
The inverter is cooled by intake refrigerant (HFC134a, 325 +/- 20 g charge).
The special compressor oil (MA68EV) for electric compressor has been adopted.
The compressor bracket has a structure that elastically supports the compressor using damper rubber.



The air conditioning is controlled by the heater controller and by the compressor & heater controller.
The high voltage actuated components (A/C compressor and heater) are controlled by the compressor & heater controller.
The compressor & heater controller is equipped with CAN communication function to enable communication with other ECUs.
The heater controller controls the blower motor and damper motor.
The compressor & heater controller performs the local communication with the heater controller and A/C compressor.

Cooling of the Battery Pack during Quick Charging

The forced cooling system has been adopted that blows cool air from the A/C system into the main battery during quick charging.
Based on the signals from EV-ECU, the compressor & heater controller operates the A/C system.
Air blowing or A/C operation is performed based on the signals from BMU.