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Some time before 8am Eastern time zone.

I did think it was funny that they DID post in the Correct Off topic section :lol:
What a mess!! :evil:

Banning and removing offenders now. Admin, perhaps our new format could also have a "first post needs approval" feature?

Here's a list of the offending users:


These seemed to be the only culprits of this round, but they each posted about 50 posts each. I'm chipping away at it, but there's a lot to clean up if another Mod. wants to help.
All fixed :mrgreen: !

Glad I found that in a subforum, moderators can do bulk deletes, which made short work of what would've taken all night.

Again, they were all properly placed in Off-topic :lol: .
As I stopped at a Denny's by a SuperCharger on my way to Los Angeles I was floored to see around 300 spam posts! Started to do the cleanup (with a slow 1x cell connection to my iPad as this Denny's had no WiFi) when they all magically disappeared! THANK YOU, PV1!
No problem. I'm actually out of town right now, too, expanding my i-MiEV horizon westward.

Sorry about bothering you with a PM. Before I realized it was only 5 users doing it, three new posts were showing up for each one I deleted. All of the posts started about an hour and a half before I found them.

A Big Thank You to all of you moderators who keep on top of all this
While you all do such a good job it often goes unseen :eek:

But it is very much appreciated!!
To misquote/paraphrase William Munny (played by Clint Eastwood), after killing Little Bill Daggett (played by Gene Hackman) and others in the movie Unforgiven ( ) :

"We should kill all of these sons-of-bitches"!

Wow, this is worst series of spam attacks we've had in a couple of years, compounded by new 'users' being automatically generated faster than we could ban them manually and then going back and deleting their posts.

Bear with us as your moderators are playing whack-a-mole while our admin is hopefully tackling the sources...
Yes - I deleted about 20 yesterday and banned two users. Today it was closer to 40 and I banned 5 or 6 more. All 'User names' were a random collection of letters and numbers and all joined on May 08, so they were pretty easy to find and ban

We'll see what tomorrow brings!

They were all coming from the same IP address so I've banned it.

Now we'll just have to wait and see if they use another IP to attack the forum.

Thanks for all your deleting work Mods!

I’ve often though all posts with links in them made by someone with less than 50 posts should be ghosted until a moderator approves.

This is how other sites deal with it then the spammer thinks his posts are there but in reality only he sees them
Thank you to those of you who flag the spam, which has been on the increase lately. @rmay, thanks for the ghosting suggestion, but for now simple banning of spammers and some hidden blocking and deleting their posts is less labor intensive for us moderators than other schemes.
I agree - Dealing with ghosted topics from legitimate uses would be far more work than banning the relatively few spammers we get here. Lately, most of them seem to be from people attempting to sell shoes, so even if it takes a few hours for a mod to catch and remove them, no real harm done. Thanks to all who catch and alert us to them!

JoeS said:
Well, after a few months of relative quiet with only a few sporadic incidents, this morning we got whapped again. Banning and removal of the culprit(s) isn't instantaneous, so do bear with us.

Thanks Joe!
Spam attacks are continuing, but thankfully with much lower frequency than in the past. Just remember, DO NOT click on any links that are included in these (usually) off-topic posts, some of the posts being quite wacky.

In addition to the measures this website has instituted, our process is simple: your moderators check this forum often and if we've been spammed we manually ban the user (and do something else as well).
So, not only did the website go down overnight but it was subjected to a spam attack by someone posting shoe links on a dozen different threads and subforums, which was unusual. Dunno if the two were related, but our Admin got the site back up and running and it was just a matter of deleting the dozen posts manually and banning the individual and doing something else. Just remember, don't click on any of the links in those spam posts!