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Jan 5, 2024
Hi mine is a 34k 2017 will not start
It's got newer charger mcu any idea what the fault can seen some solder capacitor on a board but not on mine as its a newer design


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Nearly impossible to read--take your pictures with the phone rotated and move closer to fill up the screen width.

But from what i can see it looks like several U1xxx codes which are CAN Buss communication issues, many times related to insufficient low voltage power supply inside the ecus because of an old, weak or worn out 12V battery.

The P1A15 is a show-stopper on getting the car to READY; the HV measurement function in the MCU is not reporting or being read promptly or correctly. Could also be due to the 12V.

So what is the age and condition of the 12V auxiliary battery?
Thx for your reply
Codes are p1ae7 u1113 u1160 u1161 and p1a15
I checked voltage on 12v battery seemed OK did also charge it
overnight I'll just replace it what do u recommend
IMO, if the 12V battery is any more than 4 years old, replace it (5 at a pinch). 'Seemed ok' does not sound wildly scientific! It needs testing under load as any load (especially a significant one) will cause the lead-acid battery voltage to sag, especially so if it it partially or comprehensively stuffed. As the 12V auxiliary battery is so crucial to the normal operation of these cars, buying a new one is often the route to a very quick (and easy) repair! And buy a good quality one - getting a cheap one is a very false economy (unless you are 'flipping' the car - not that I recommend such Spanish practices... Oooh... Can I say that any more?)...
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Ok I'll get that done voltage was showing 12.7v not sure how old it is I'll update
once chaged thx