2012 I-MiEV at Copart auction today

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Jun 14, 2013
A 2012 I-MiEV just went for auction on Copart today. It had front end damage and although not repairable under normal conditions, it could be repaired with proper parts. I have a 2012 I-MiEV that I have taken apart that had rear end damage. I have all the parts that would be required to put the auctioned car back together and would have bid on it if I wanted to take the time and trouble to put it back together. Anyway, if the buyer is someone who is a member on this forum (or anyone who needs parts) PM me with your needs. The car I have is a pearl white SE and I have the bulk of the interior parts, all front end parts, complete doors (except right rear) most electrical parts, seats, complete dash, all airbags, seatbelts, etc. I have a salvage title to provide an ownership trail for vin marked parts if you are repairing a salvage vehicle and need to get it titled.
Was this it?

It's already gone. Too bad, I know a guy that wants one.
Yes, that was it. I watch for them every once in a while. This one was going for more then I was willing to jump in for. The problem is a vehicle with a salvage title is a pain in the butt to deal with. With trade in values so low on a used I-MiEV (competing with the new low MSRP) it is impossible to repair one unless you have a donor car. I had that car but even with that, the bid price, buyer's premium, shipping, misc. parts I would still need to buy and my time and effort made it not cost effective. I hope someone got it who could make good use of it (like Ben with his flood car). If someone unsuspecting got it they are going to be in a world of trouble trying to get it to run with crash data in the airbag controller which needs to be cleared by a third party and then by a willing Mitsubishi dealer to reset the ECU's.