14" rear tires

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Aug 18, 2018
The 2014 onwards Toyota Aygo/Peugeot 108/Citroen C1 uses 4.5 x 14, ET35, 4 x 100mm BCD (Bolt Circle Diameter) 54mm hub center wheels so should fit the rear of the iMiev.

Has anyone fitted these to the iMiev?

You could use 165/65R14 tires to match the front 145/65R15 tires. Vredestein do matching Quatrac 5 in both these sizes, both T speed rated.

As the 165/65R14 tires have a 437kg load index compared to 412kg for the standard 175/55R15 tires, you could lower the tire pressure by 1psi. Is the recommended tire pressures 2.3 Bar (33psi) front and 2.5 Bar (36psi) rear? If so, you could run 165/65R14 tires on the rear at 35psi.

Semperit also make matching 165/65R14 and 145/65R15 tires in both summer and winter tread patterns, at least for the EU.

Another alternative, for the standard 4 x 15 front rim and alternative 4.5 x 14 rear rim is 165/60R14 front tires and 185/60R14 rear tires. 29psi front tire pressure and 32psi rear tire pressures would be suitable for these tire sizes. The ride should be noticeably softer with this setup.
A 14" wheel of the correct offset will indeed work on the rear of the car - I've used a Miata 14" wheel and tire as an emergency spare before, to get the car back home after the wife had a flat. The tire size on that wheel (195/55R14) did not jive with the computer, so regenerative braking was disabled, but it got me home safely