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alviseven said:
We have just bought this week our first I-MiEV but have previously driven a 1976 Enfield 8000 - restoring one too
Congrats, and welcome to the club.

I've obviously been getting a lot of seat time in the Model 3, now that I own the first Model 3 I've ever driven. I really haven't had any experience with other EVs lately other than the LEAF or Model X at work every once in a while to do a pickup/delivery or to hook up the trailer. The Model S we used to rent on Turo has been sold. Worldly events have prevented the usual gatherings with other EV drivers for the last 2 years, so right now, I'm just trying to get reacquainted with my i-MiEVs as they haven't been driven in a long time. Earlier this year, though, I did take a ride in a Tesla-powered Sprinter van and a vintage London Taxi conversion. Both were very cool.

There's a remarkable similarity to throttle response between the i-MiEV and the Model 3 in Chill mode. Usually, I struggle readjusting to the i-MiEV after driving the Bolt, but after driving the 3 and getting back into the i-MiEV, the only trouble is adjusting to the steering. The Model 3 has a tiny steering wheel but responds quickly. The roundabouts on my way to work only require 50-60 degrees of wheel turning in the 3, but almost 150 degrees in the i-MiEV.