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I just tried to install a set of Monroe D7002 Rear shocks onto my i-miev and everything matches up except the rubber isolator on the bottom of the shock is too wide to fit into the bottom bracket. I've bent up the bracket to try and make it work but didn't get things lined up quite right and stripped the nut welded to the bracket :/. Probably best to strike it from the list of recommended alternatives.
I only stripped half the threads thankfully so I just ran a tap thru the nut and it was good. I wound up taking a hacksaw and chopping the lower shock absorber isolator/spacer down from 37mm to 32mm (oem width) and bending the mounts back into place. I used some blue loctite on the threads when remounting everything since the screws and nuts seemed to thread in really easy and I didn't want to overtorque anything.

The new shocks definitely feel stiffer but didn't solve the chattering I hear from the rear anytime I'm on an even slightly rough road or go over a hole. Any suggestions??

I only replaced the shocks because I took it to the Mitsubishi dealership and that's what they were going to do. I figured I would save a few hundred dollars and get some new tools instead.