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RobbW said:
So far, I'm having fun trying to give my little "Meepster" its own personality, or at least as much personality as my wife will allow. She didn't want anything gaudy on the car. So, I'm doing little things here and there that give it subtle style. OEM-looking emblems and badges, simple understated vinyl lettering, side wind deflectors, etc. "meep!" is getting her own look, and I'm finally starting to let myself have fun driving her instead of worrying about conserving her range!

Hey my vinyls aren't gaudy they help the car go faster lol.

Yes I fall into the category of never paying attention to my range I just plug in the car when I plug in my phone and that has worked out well for me. My 1970 Harley doesn't have a gas gauge either so you learn how far you can go. Must say I also like to shift it into Ctrl D and outrun the 4 cylinders as the stop light.

One mod that you might want to do which is the best thing ever will cost about 35 cents. Get two sheet metal screws and a 1 inch to 2 inch pipe hanger, your choice, then attach it to the rear tailgate just drill pilot holes first. Really helps when you are hauling 2 x 4's, doors or anything that hangs out the back end and you need to tie the tailgate down.

jlhiowa said:
Saw another one today:

Thats a new one I haven't seen before. I think there is another pizza place besides Tobin's that has one as well. Of course Tobin's has an entire fleet of them which is better than those beater cars they used to drive.
RobbW said:
MLucas said:
The 'Meepster' - I love it. Maybe you can have a custom emblem made in the script of the Porsche Boxster and put that on the back. :lol:
Well, I didn't have the Boxster emblem in mind at the time, but a custom emblem for the back has been ordered and is currently en route to my home. Instead of the Boxster script, it is an unassuming font that simple says, "meep!" I have an idea to get a visor decal that copies the Jeep junkies and says, "It's a meep thing...", but I haven't been able to sell my wife on that one yet.

Oh you got to do that! Remember it's easier to beg for forgiveness than it is for getting permission. My visor says, 'AMPED' on it. I had DecalFX custom make it for me. Maybe you could have the i-MiEV headlights and hood in silouhette like the Jeeps do. Good luck with getting that past the 'gatekeeper'. ;)
I'm working her over, but I don't think it's going to happen. Anyone know what the "official" font is for the actual Jeep decals? Also, what is the width of the i-MiEV windshield? I don't have a tape measure or easy access to the Meepster at the moment!

Sorry, I realize I'm throwing this thread off topic. I'll continue in the Mods & Access. forum if needed.
So, to update this thread for 2017, we saw five I-MiEVs in Bloomington/Normal when passing through on our way home from a cross-country road trip.

1. Silver ES with wrap at the Normal Fire Deparment (shown up thread).
2. Silver SE with wrap at Cookies by Design.
3. Black SE parked at an apartment complex by the fire department.
4. Raspberry ES parked at Fratoli's.
5. White parked at McDonald's on Route 51 at the south end of Bloomington.

As for the rest of the trip, I'll update the EVs in Everday Life thread with a count of EVs spotted on the road. Total I-MiEV count is 8 (these five, one at a hospital by Apple Park in Cupertino, and Joe's Mitti and Moto).
We saw 7 in Bloomington on our 5,893 mile route 66 trip in March . 2 were at Obrien Mitsubishi where we bought the car in 2014.