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could someone please explain me how this capacity measure in hobdrive works? how to activate it exactly?
i have tried discharge the battery to less then 2Ah then start capacity measure but this damn button is sometimes red sometimes yellow or green. then it say sometimes not run, executing or not completed...

wtf :evil:
the developer does not know anything about it or wont tell me the steps i have to follow.

does someone completed this capacity measure succesfully? how can i make it work?

ghostdriver said:
does someone completed this capacity measure succesfully? how can i make it work?


Found below hint on another forum, didn’t try that myself though..

“Discharged it till bms cut off at 2,8v and recharged it with the hobdrive capacity measure function.”

I have a Citroën C-Zero 2011 and tried to use Hobdrive to see the cell voltages and the battery capacity. I have two OBD2 dongles - an old one Konnwei KW901, which supports BT3, and a new one, vGate iCar Pro with BT4.0. I tried the vGate one with my iPhone and my other car (Ford Focus) using several other application and it did work. Those applications did not want to connect to C-Zero, though. One app showed that it connected to ELM but failed to find ECU. The dongles blinked with its lights during the process.

I tried the vGate with Hobdrive at iPhone and iPad and it failed to connect. When I choose Bluetooth in the connection settings, it shows the message “OK, see the adapter but don’t see the vehicle”. The lights on the obd dongle don’t blink and I get the same message even if the dongle is not connected to the car. It seems there is some glitch so the program doesn’t even try to connect. When I press “ELM327 adapter test” the app just crashes.

Ended up borrowing an old Android phone and Hobdrive worked well with both of the dongles I have.

Another issue in the iPhone app: I have my locale in the phone set to Swedish. When I start the app I think it mixes it up with Slovakian and display it in that language. I guess “se” is interpreted as “sv”. Had to switch the phone locale to English in order to test it properly.

Thanks for your effort developing the app, hope the issues with the iOS app could be fixed. There seems to be no alternative that works with C-Zero and iOS.
Hello everybody
I want to see internal reaistences of battery cells, can this program do this?
And if it is possivle to use this program for nissan leaf gen1 2010-2017?