Euro spec i-MiEV, 2013 mod, LED headlights

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jaraczs, great to hear from you again! Thank you for the comprehensive update. Condolences on the loss of your father. :cry:

What a PIA dealing with 21st century EU regulatory compliance issues, not to mention the airbag warning light and sensors. Thankfully you were able to get the issues resolved, and wonderful to see the car continue being actively utilized. There is another US-spec i-MiEV in that part of the world (I couldn't find the link to his post on this forum - anyone?), and of course we have in Slovakia and his delightful videos.

Your early posts continue to be referenced, especially the heater upgrade. Glad to see you continuing to drive full electric back here. A number of members on this forum have also picked up the Bolt EV.

Take care, enjoy your summer, and do stay in touch.
greenteam84 said:
Too bad I can't see the pics.
The photos show up fine on both my iPad and MacBook. You might try using a different browser.

Edit: Just tried it with a very old Mac Mini and obsolete OSX using ancient Safari, Google Chrome, and Firefox browsers, and all the photos showed up on each of the browsers. Keep trying!