CMU Board : notes, eprom, cell re-numbering, CAN messages

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I have just bought a CMU board to do some tests from an English person who lives in France and who still has several boards to sell. His price is not expensive (25€). If you live in Europe, I can put you in touch with him. I'm not sure he'll be able to tell you the card number.

By the way, regarding the CMU board, do you know if we can connect i alone (= without the LEV50N cells) and power it to carry out tests?
The CMU is powered by the cells, so I'm not sure it's possible, but in case there is a way to do it, it doesn't hurt to ask.
if we can connect i alone (= without the LEV50N cells) and power it to carry out tests?
See post #5 for power supply and post #7 for CAN buss schematics.

There are 2 power supplies for the CMU. Replace the cells with a power supply at the A+ and H- board terminals for the first, and then supply 12V at pin4 with return at pin 6 to enable and supply the second.

Without cells attached what sort of testing would you, or could you, do?
They are not located under the white blob, just near it (can be seen in the picture).

i measured 3 of them on one of my boards, all reading 7.19k Ohms at 70 F, and dropping to 6.5k when heated with my finger. Physical size is 0402 inch or (1005 metric).

Based upon this i think the part number is:
TH05-3N682F for a 1% device.

Here is a datasheet for Mits chip thermistors, NTC type.
digikey datasheet
Thanks Kiev you are a blessing to the forum
I would like to add an additional pack to my residential battery. As I use BMS cards, I would like to have a CMU numbered 11.

To renumber a CMU, is the simplest method to rewrite the first byte of the eeprom with an arduino for example?