Adding a second Type-2 charging socket in the trunk: how?

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May 4, 2023
Riga, Latvia

9 year old Peugeot ION, warranty expired, can be tinkered with. I want a second Type-2 charging socket, but INSIDE the car: in the trunk / loading bay. Happy to discuss whether or whether not that makes sense, but I want one. If you sleep better when you know why:
I want to keep the Level-2 charger INSIDE the car. Why? Because I want. I can imagine that there is a minimal risk that the level-2 charger overheats, and/or ignites; and obviously it would be preferable if that happened OUTSIDE the vehicle. My best guess: at 3700w that's highly unlikely, right? Please correct me if I am wrong.

The question is:
Where to tap into the electric circuit? Right where the original socket is? Or wherever the cable from it terminates (probably at the internal charger, my best guess: near the traction battery management - no clue where that is)?

I am living in Riga, Latvia (EU). I have a little invention in mind, but for it I need the Type-2 charger inside the car. I know that I could simply keep a door or the hatch open, or the window a bit down, and go via the original Type-2 socket. And no: it's not a portable generator placed inside the car.

Related question: is it easy to unmount the original Type-2 socket, and have it situated in the trunk? Is that area easily accessible?

Thanks for your help,

Howdy Alexander, How long have you had this car?

If you open the hatchback door then you can see a little plastic access cover over behind the charging port. Remove that cover and you can see the wiring and fasteners for the socket. i reckon there is enough slack in the harness to pull the socket to the inside if you want.
Hi Kenny,

I bought the car just now but will get it only Monday or Tuesday.

Thanks for the answer, that helps a lot!


I’m intrigued by your planned invention, any chance you could elaborate?
Just in case you’re not aware, the car won’t go to ready (i.e drive) while charging…

It's a secret for now. But no, I don't plan charging while driving for exactly the reason you specified!


I believe you can also splice into the AC input wiring to add a second charging inlet wherEVer you want. I work for an electric utility that insists on reverse-in parking in the name of safety, so all EVSE must connect to the rear end of the vehicle, also in the name of safety. As a result, our fleet mechanics have installed charging inlets ON THE REAR BUMPER :roll: of all fleet vehicles that didn't already have a rear charging port. (Ford, GM and Nissan EVs). My understanding is they disabled the original inlets, but as a personal vehicle hack, you could accept the risk of having live pins in the second inlet if you so choose. :eek: (Could come in handy for exporting 240V power from a public charging station!)