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Battery Replacement

Some folks in Australia have succeeded in engineering a battery replacement solution for the i-Miev. They are doubling the capacity with drop-in cells. See: ... &start=700


Great to see an option to give these little cars a new lease on life. I'll be considering it for mine should I experience a cell failure out of warranty.

As the product matures, I hope they are able to offer a kit for HV-smart DIY-ers.

Too bad I'm on the wrong continent.

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Re: Battery Replacement

There is a video about it, but it doesn't give the cell chemistry or any details,
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Re: Battery Replacement

They are looking for partners/distributors/installers in other countries per the video.
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Re: Battery Replacement

$13K AU to USD is still about $9K which is a bunch to invest in an old car . . . . and then there's shipping to the USA and installation costs. I'd love to have that installed in one of my cars, but it just doesn't seem practical
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