i-MiEV Not AC Charging, (Was No DTCs), 12v dc-dc OK

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318iEV said:
Been a bit busy over the last few weeks but coming back to this now I've tested the 2010 OBC pin functions and it is quite different to the 2012 pinout diagram.

Fixed image (you have to dig down to the actual .png file):

Thank you for updating the connector wiring for the 2010 OBC. i'm gonna rip a copy and add it to the OBC troubleshooting thread.

It's a curious thing with the undocumented wires and what is their function--if i had some spare time it would be fun to trace them out. i would guess they are used for programming or test purposes.
kiev said:
That's a good find Joe, it appears to be a real DTC in your case. Many times it seems that the U1xx CAN codes are caused by a low 12V starter battery.
Did you look under the rear seat to inspect the wiring harness around the EV-ECU? Also look for rodent damage on the exposed harness section under the car back to the OBC and inspect the brown-colored Junction Connector for CAN1 and CAN2. The OBC is on the CAN2 buss.
There are some resistance measurements that can be made at the connector pins, found on this page:
Poking around revealed nothing untoward so I continued driving with only CHAdeMO but I recently managed to pick up a used doghouse OBC which returned my faithful i-MiEV to full operation. Thank you all for your inputs.