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Re: Drag-racing the i-MiEV

pmaupin wrote:
JoeS wrote:Sadly, I read the 0-60mph time as 00:56 - 01:10 on the video which results in 14 seconds. Darn, I though we were around 12seconds.
Could anybody tell which model that was? Steel vs. aluminum wheels alone could probably make the difference between 12 and 14 seconds.
Ahh, no. You are dreaming here.

Turning the traction control off might help. I know on my NV200 cargo van there is a documented 2 second slower 0-60 time with the TC on.
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Re: Drag-racing the i-MiEV

As part of the Green Transportation Summit and Exposition last week, we got track time for a bunch of AFVs on the Pacific Raceways drag strip and road course. The highlight of my day was taking the wheel of the multimillion dollar one and only International/ Navistar (IC Bus) prototype battery-electric school bus. ... -the-road/
I managed to make the front tires sing while going around the twisties with the state's Director of Student Transportation Funding among the passengers! He appears to have had a blast and is sold on the EV option. (This bus has a 650 V system made up of 17 kWh NMC sub-packs in parallel, and can run on anything from one to eight subpacks in the current trim.)

ANYWAY, the relevant info is that almost 5 years and 85,000 miles after former SEVA President Steve Lough ran his 2012 SE Premium I-MiEV down the same dragstrip and covered the quarter-mile in 19.8 sec at 68.4 mph, MR BEAN did it in... . 19.694 Seconds at 69.01 mph- WITH the heavy trailer hitch installed! But my i was wearing worn EnaSaves with very little tread depth, while his tires were nearly new.

That speaks to the consistency of EVs, especially when "factory detuned" for warrantability, safety and market positioning to the extent that our cars were!
In another testament of EV repeatability, the state-fleet Bolt that I was lined up against ran at 14.576 sec, 95.81 mph, and repeated those numbers to bracket-racing near-perfection at least half a dozen times.
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