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Tata Tiago- an iMiEV successor?

https://insideevs.com/news/613132/tata- ... -launched/

A subcompact 4 door hatchback with 19 or 24 kWH packs, 45 or 55 kW of power, $10k or $15k approx price.

But not for the USA, no doubt!
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Re: Tata Tiago- an iMiEV successor?

Hey, it's got 4 levels of regen, including zero.

OTOH, they don't show maximum speed which is important for those of us who hop onto freeways often and have to merge with 75mph (illegal) traffic. Of course, their consumption figures are not EPA.

Sadly, I'm afraid you're right, we in the US will never see it. Small EV compacts in the US can be counted on one hand... :cry:
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