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  1. piev

    Parts needed for ChaDeMo upgrade for non equiped cars

    As far as I know the car blows air into battery during all charging sessions. At least mine does
  2. piev

    No charging

    P1A12 is OBC abnormal stop according to manual. Maybe your On Board Charger has blown a fuse or a capacitor.
  3. piev

    Parts needed for ChaDeMo upgrade for non equiped cars

    If you read the Chademo specification it shows: PIN Signal 4 - CH +B - Charger stop/start 1 7 - CNTF - Connection Check 6 - CINH - Charging Enable 9 - CNEL - Can Low 8 - CNEH - Can High 10 - S2 - Charging Start Stop 2
  4. piev

    Part For Sale Breaking 2011 I-MiEV

    I have some but I believe you can buy those from auto parts stores
  5. piev

    Parts needed for ChaDeMo upgrade for non equiped cars

    Well, I don’t have evidence either. I read however, that the EV-ECU doesn’t use the current from the BMU there’s a separate sensor for current. If I get a chance I will do some data collection. They are putting in some chademo chargers at the dealer here. You have to pay but be good in a pinch...
  6. piev

    Parts needed for ChaDeMo upgrade for non equiped cars

    I meant BMU. And I don’t believe it does anything but report voltage to the EV-ECU. I don’t see any special behavior in the data when fast charging. I was just asking if you had some proof for your theory but sounds like no.
  7. piev

    Parts needed for ChaDeMo upgrade for non equiped cars

    Hey Mickey, what are you basing this assessment on? The only thing the BMU does is report voltage. I would be surprised if they had multiple software versions on the EV-ECU. BTW, I have a wrecked I-MiEV with all the Chademo hardware if you are interested.
  8. piev

    Parting out two cars

    I still need a daytime running lamp. Bottom of front bumper. left drivers side. It is glass not plastic.
  9. piev

    Main Traction Battery Upgrade i-MiEV

    What Mickey said! My code definitely changes the capacity. The latest version changes it to 83.7Ah float capAh = 83.7; //Battery Capacity if (flag == 0) { //check to see if this is a new power up if (j == 20) { //wait 20...
  10. piev

    Fault codes in drive battery

    I have cells if you need some. I am in Alabama.
  11. piev

    Samsung SDI 60A cells

    I didn’t buy those. that’s the deal a friend of mine just got. I bought mine a few years ago. He received his batteries last week.
  12. piev

    2010 i-MiEV enters limp on right hand turns

    Interesting, What caused the scorching on the cover?
  13. piev

    Main Traction Battery Upgrade i-MiEV

    Well, long run I will pull the battery and fix the CMU. I was looking at temporary fixes. I put code in the BMU ~ EV-ECU bridge to modify 0x5A1[1]. It reads a static value of 0001 0000 until the car halts and then it reads 0011 0000. So, if it sets bit 2 my code resets it. I drove for 10 miles...
  14. piev

    Samsung SDI 60A cells

    Shenzhen Heymy Energy Technology., Ltd. contact: Kealry Liao Registered: CN, Guangdong, Shenzhen, 401, No. 25-1 Company: West Dawan New Village, Dakang address: Community, Yuanshan Street email: [email protected] CATL 3.7v 93Ah NMC Prismatic Lithium Ion Battery for electric...
  15. piev

    Samsung SDI 60A cells

    The final cost including the M8 terminal change, shipping, unavoidable hidden fees, and taxes was $3,790.99. $43 per cell. Shipped to US, Arizona
  16. piev

    Main Traction Battery Upgrade i-MiEV

    Thanks Mickey, The MUT says not equipped on those I believe. I did mod the code to correct any bad cell data. Alas, it did not fix the issue. I haven't tried it with temperature data because I never saw any bad Temp data. However, the MUT says that I have a shorted temp sensor on CMU5. Lookin...
  17. piev

    Main Traction Battery Upgrade i-MiEV

    So, I made changes to the code that CZeroOwner sent me. It did not fix the issue. I modified the code to just look for the one bad module the car said I had to see if it reduced the time the code operates since I am getting can errors now and a different error pattern. It also sets the value to...
  18. piev

    Samsung SDI 60A cells

    I tried to use these cells first. Too big, extensive modification would be needed. Not impossible I suppose but you would need to trash the current module containers and mounting system and design you own. I am still not convinced you could fit 88 cells is this space. Besides you can get smaller...
  19. piev

    Vehicle For Sale Very Nice 2012 iMiev FOR SALE

    Hey, colonellh, I haven't decided anything yet. Sorry for my delay and lack of communication. Sell it if you get an offer. I received a notice from Tesla that I could pick up my Cybertruck. Anyway, my wife was out of town so I waited till she got back. I went Saturday to look at it, but there...
  20. piev

    Immobile i-MiEV with RBS and Electric Motor Unit Warning Lights

    like I said, your local Mitsubishi dealer can read codes