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  1. J

    Parts needed for ChaDeMo upgrade for non equiped cars

    Joel, you might want to visit my little MiEV sanctuary for a tech day. I have a CHAdeMO car all taken apart, and others on hand in both flavors. I’m in town M-TH this coming week.
  2. J

    Parting out two cars

    Thanks Joel, been a crazy graduation week. Will update you this evening..
  3. J

    New CHAdeMO stations!

    Not many new CHAdeMO stations being deployed anymore; I'd wager that the overall number in service has declined, so we should try to support those that exist! It appears that all DCFC stations deployed thus far by the 7-11 convenience store chain include CHAdeMO. Only in a handfull of states...
  4. J

    Parting out two cars

    Hi @Joel_1885, @fiatandmiev, and @tedcloak I have the reflector, headrest and visor clip, Ted I'll send one your way for the $10 but will ask for a minimum transaction of $20 in the future to make the jobs worthwhile. Joel, that's the driver's side rear red reflector/lamp you need, eh?
  5. J

    Main Traction Battery Upgrade i-MiEV

    Welcome, @Joel_1885 I'm glad to see another PNW tinkerer pick up the MiEV! I have a couple of spare packs intended for rebuilding, so if you'd prefer to keep your car running during the battery rebuild, let's collaborate. I'm also sending a PM
  6. J

    i-Miev Suspension Front Control Arm Bush Replacement

    No problems, @michael8554 the whole job took about an hour of grunting, but with just the right amount of swearing, the replacement control arm popped into place. The forward body mount in my "Baja MiEV" for the horizontal bolt was a bit deformed by the collision, but a few taps of the hammer...
  7. J

    Parting out two cars

    Sure do, please PM your offer and shipping address. -Jay
  8. J

    i-Miev Suspension Front Control Arm Bush Replacement

    I just replaced a bent lower control arm on my salvaged project “Baja MiEV”, and discovered when pulling the good arm from my parts car that I didn’t EVen need to jack it up- just undid all 3 bolts and dropped the arm as the car sat!
  9. J

    Greetings From Norway

    Hei Andy, I spent 5 years in Stavanger and Oslo as a kid, and last visited in 2022 for EVS35. I was disappointed to see when visiting with and talking to Norsk elbilforening members to learn that taking care of older EVs is not very popular, especially with 'early modern EVs'...
  10. J

    Who works on I-Mievs in the US?

    Here’s the warranty extension letter, which didn’t cover the 2014 and 2016 models. Depending upon the original sale date for your 2014, the warranty may still be an effect so best get that confirmed ASAP!
  11. J

    keySAVVY online dealership facilitates P2P sales with tax credits.

    And from the co-founder’s Reddit handle, he ought to be a member here! No i-MiEV currently listed, but plenty of Model S below $20k
  12. J

    Battery pack change plans

    I agree, plus I continue to have no problems after installing a 2014 pack into my 2011 built (2012 model).
  13. J

    ASC fails, finally stranded and runs fine again

    Yes, I'd bet that was the original 12V battery, weak and causing most of the errors. The 'stuttering' from the rear axle may be a 'normal' glitch of these cars. It is common for the motor to knock back and forth a few times if you switch into D while still rolling in Reverse at any speed, and...
  14. J

    help locating a used on board charger

    Thanks to Kenny for pointing out that the big white wire is the 12V + and not a ground. Hope my error didn't cause any sparks to fly!
  15. J

    help locating a used on board charger

    I think that "different wire" you refer to is just the white wire, which is a body ground connection. Check continuity to the body during disassembly to be sure.
  16. J

    Who works on I-Mievs in the US?

    I have both 2012 and 2014 DCFC parts, and have proven that the 2014 battery runs fine in a 2012. There are no 2018 or newer cars in North America, only the warranty-replacement OBC that does not work in early cars without a firmware update, and we haven't cracked the code for the DIY scene...
  17. J

    OK to replace one tire in the front?

    Yes, if you're a skinflint like me you can wring the last bit of life out of some mismatched tires during dry times with minimal risk. (it doesn't rain in Seattle anymore from August thru October). BUT, you're likely to experience ASC 'jitters' when taking sweeper turns, such as on a highway...
  18. J

    Who works on I-Mievs in the US?

    Hi @sirthomasis, I have the clean rear headrests available (am parting out a couple of cars). Please PM your offer. -Jay
  19. J

    Intermittent false starts, SOC bars slowly rise after the happy chime but no READY light.

    On today's second drive, the car tripped out of READY mode when I shifted out of Park, and it took a couple of tries to restart. I have nEVer lubricated the shifter cable connection to the electric switch on the transaxle, so I'm guessing it may be a sticky position sensor... Will try to do...
  20. J

    Intermittent false starts, SOC bars slowly rise after the happy chime but no READY light.

    MR BEAN has begun to show a startup anomaly similar to when one switches the key through START too quickly or moves the gearshift prior to the READY light illuminating. The car makes its happy chime but does not illuminate READY, and the State of Charge gauge starts off empty, then the bars...