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  1. J

    2013 i-MiEV in Adelaide, South Australia.

    Hi, You may of seen information from the original dismantling guide, used if the vehicle is to be scrapped. There are other methods to discharge batteries these days. Jamie
  2. J

    Customising your wheels and tires

    Hi, I had them professionally machined by a local wheel shop. No spacers were required, I just measured everything to make sure they'd fit. They clear the calipers fine, just like the originals, it's the shock you need to avoid. Thanks! Jamie
  3. J

    2013 i-MiEV in Adelaide, South Australia.

    Hi, It has been recycled. I did check the other cells, am familiar with the issue. It's always good to share more knowledge, thanks. Jamie
  4. J

    Customising your wheels and tires

    Hi, Well done on finding some good options. I went a slightly different route, documented below. Like you, I've had no scrubbing issues, it handles well, did require a few goes at finding a wheel alignment that was comfortable (around 1.3° in from memory), but overall quite good...
  5. J

    Where is CaniOn? Or is it Cani0n?

    Here's the Google Play link - Jamie
  6. J

    2013 i-MiEV in Adelaide, South Australia.

    Back in 2021, I purchased my 2013 i-MiEV from the original owner who had owned it since new. In Australia, there were only around 250 i-MiEV's brought into the country from around 2011, initially as lease vehicles to councils and local government, and then on sale to the public until the last...
  7. J

    Can't mix yellow and purple

    I went the other way around without any issue. The cells in the pack of my 2013 i-MiEV are yellow and one failed. I contacted a conversion shop that does battery upgrades on the i-MiEVs, and they sent me a purple one. In the plastic carrier, there are little tabs at the bottom that holds the...
  8. J

    Nissan Leaf - Onboard charger (Wiring and Can messages)

    I'm interested in repurposing a 6.6 kW ZE1 Nissan Leaf OBC/DC to DC, part number 292C0-5SH1B, in my Mitsubishi i-MiEV to replace the 3.6 kW on-board charger/DC to DC converter. I'm not sure what CAN messages each will require to function, but I suspect it may need something like Dala's CAN...
  9. J

    Decyphering iMiEV and iON CAR-CAN message data

    I'd likely replace the stock pump with a higher flowing unit, maybe with a small radiator. I haven't looked into it that much yet, step one is working out what actually fits! The other challenge is finding something that is a combined charger and DC to DC converter. There are some Chinese...
  10. J

    CCS/SAE Conversion

    Hi, Even though it's not i-MiEV specific, there is work being done over at the Open Inverter forum to repurpose a BMW i3 LIM, which is the module that managed CCS charging on a BMW i3 and can be had for a couple of hundred dollars, to be controlled by an Open Inverter VCU. In theory, based on...
  11. J

    Aftermarket Wheels

    Hi, I decided to put some 15x5 Yaris/Prius C wheels on mine. The specs are: Size: 15x5 ET38 Centre Bore: 54.1 (one pair needed to be honed out to 56.1 to suit the front) The part number is PZ406B067BZS, still available new from Toyota dealers. I added 165/60R15 tyres on the front and...
  12. J

    Decyphering iMiEV and iON CAR-CAN message data

    Hi, I've just joined the forum and have had my i-MiEV for a few months now, and am looking to see what I can upgrade, in particular the on board charger, perhaps to a 11 kW or 22 kW unit. I'm also active on the Open Inverter forums, and in case it is useful, some members have worked to decode...