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    OBC Swapping Gen1 to Gen 2

    Just to clarify as I am going to import a replacement obc from japan. (Tried to fix mine too many tears involved) if the lid top looks the same plugs will be the same and if it says “ALL” It will work? Does v110 mean anything Picture of mine for ref
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    Battery temperature readings way off

    I had similar issues with a obd link mx and took it to the repair shop. They scanned with theirs and said all good but common anomaly with bluetooth consumer scanners
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    Part For Sale Breaking 2011 I-Miev

    Is the OBC functional and what version is it?
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    Part Wanted OBC for 2010 Imiev

    Looking for a replacement charger. I have tried to fix mine including removing waffle plate and replacing all the usual offenders. Have also damaged the lower board a little and just done with it. Picture below but owned car for 18months and date stamped 2015 charger so has been replaced before