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    Thumb-button on Type 1 EVSE Plug.

    When my EVSE is plugged into my 2014 Outlander PHEV (16A max), the charging relay doesn't "thud" until I release the thumb-button. On my 2011 euro MIEV, the charging relay "thuds" as soon as the plug is inserted, the button makes no difference. The circuit diagram shows connection to Pin 4...
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    Ha! I just made a coast/neutral button!

    Correct. The behind the steering wheel paddles latch each setting B0 to B5.
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    Ha! I just made a coast/neutral button!

    "seem that some CAN Buss command would control the regen level--did they determine this over on the Outlander site?" The PHEV comes with B0 = zero regen, no mods required.
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    Battery pack change plans

    Car alarms have security features. For instance, if the car's 12V runs flat, the alarm may "think" that someone is trying to disable the alarm by removing the car's 12V battery. But the alarm has its own battery, which sounds the alarm. And once a Merc A-Class had continuous alarm when the alarm...
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    Ha! I just made a coast/neutral button!

    2012 diagram definitely had wrong colours, 2011 was correct. EXCEPT Pin 93 was sky blue (as correctly was pin 86) instead of orange. But the swapping by cutting wires and rejoining with Wagos worked. Many thanks to all who replied. Next questions. 1. Is the motor connected to the wheels in N...
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    Ha! I just made a coast/neutral button!

    Hi Kenny " i don't have time to chase around to figure out what model somebody is driving. " Apologies, I did put "UK 2011" in my first post. I was using the 2011 wiring diagram. I hadn't said, I just want the lowest Regen (C) next to N, and highest regen (D) after C and B. So N - C - B - D...
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    Ha! I just made a coast/neutral button!

    Thanks kiev, that video helped me to succeed. Removing the coloured (orange) shroud helped, or was necessary , I'm not sure which. However I didn't get the desired change in "gear" selection. According to the Electric Motor Unit Control System diagram part 7: C is pin 82 Grey B is pin 83 Blue D...
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    What to do with our 2011 iMiev?

    Yes always a few I-MIEVs C-Zeros Ions on UK eBay.
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    Ha! I just made a coast/neutral button!

    On a 2011 UK MIEV the plug on the EV-ECU under the rear seat is C-110. I tried without success to release pins 82 and 84 using a 0.026" needle , 0.028" was suggested.. Where is the pin inserted ? Into the face in the image with the ruler ? Into the top bar of the "T" ? Or into the upright of...
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    Charging plug

    UK 13A plugs can melt too. That's why UK "granny chargers" are rated 10A max. And beware, many have thermistors built into the plug, so cutting off the plug may brick the granny.
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    2010 i-MiEV enters limp on right hand turns

    Did you establish where the water was getting in, was it the vent ?
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    Immobile i-MiEV with RBS and Electric Motor Unit Warning Lights

    Car Scanner showed Connected, but found I had a different OBD dongle paired in my phone. Paired the right one and it worked.
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    i-Miev Suspension Front Control Arm Bush Replacement

    Wow ! Though I think getting the bolts back in may not be so easy. Let us know, I'm having new bushes pressed into my euro-version.
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    ABS and stability control lights

    " one of the relays on the drivers side clicks like mad" Do you mean inside, to the left of the LHD steering wheel ? Windows, rear fog lamp, heated seat, blower, A/C, rear reversing light, rear defog. Or under the bonnet ? Two choices: Passenger side LHD ? Brake vacuum pump control 1 and 2...
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    Immobile i-MiEV with RBS and Electric Motor Unit Warning Lights

    Tried that free Car Scanner ELM, no joy. Connected to Bluetooth, Selected I-MIEV, Got loads of parameters to measure, But only empty graphs were displayed.
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    New to the iMiev with a 2012 model

    jducro mentioned "Marvel R". That's a new MG model with a 70kWh battery. Not yet available in the UK due to RHD requirement
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    Peugeot ION gear "B" hack leads to turtle mode!

    "I normally use more times N gear than D" Yes I could do that, but it requires a lot of "gearstick stirring", whereas the PHEV B0 setting turns regen off all the time. And can be quickly and easily turned back on for steep hills, with the steering wheel paddles.
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    Cheap CHAdeMO for Home

    Negue, your image shows a 3-Phase 20kW DC output EVSE with a CCS2 plug, not a ChaDeMo plug. Were you suggesting this as a suitable power source ?
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    Peugeot ION gear "B" hack leads to turtle mode!

    On the MIEV at least, the rotational indexing of the shift position switch on the transmission can be adjusted. The 2011 models needed a notched metal plate, the 2012 onwards requires two holes to be aligned. The addition of the B & C positions means the switch has to be moved much further by...
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    Another ideea for upgrade battery

    "The car will charge until the first cell reaches 4.1V regardless of battery chemistry," I was under the impression that extended slow charging would allow the lower voltage cells to Balance up to whatever voltage they have degraded to ?