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    2014 Mieve for sale Montreal Quebec area

    Thanks for your kind words
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    2014 Mieve for sale Montreal Quebec area

    Well Bluey has gone now to a fine new family. :( A sign that the times are a changing. I want to thank the gang here for all their help and input on this forum It's been an interesting 7 years on this forum learning about the i Miev & driving ev's. We will always have a soft...
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    2014 Mieve for sale Montreal Quebec area

    Just a note that this is in Canadian dollars. Post above edited to reflect that.
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    2014 Mieve for sale Montreal Quebec area

    Having enjoyed our trusty i Miev since 2014 it's now time for us to part as we have finally received our tesla model 3. Bluey will be missed. For Sale 2014 Mitsubishi I Miev ES 100% Electric vehicle Price reduced 5,495 Canadian dollars Autonomy of 90 km on a full charge – cost $ 2...
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    4 Years & 100k miles/160k km Review & Range Test

    Bluey is still on the original 12v & traction batteries. Both are still working well. I would guestimate that the I am getting close to a 10% range drop judging by the regular driving routes I've taken over the years. Up here in Quebec Canada, we run the heater on our cars for a good 5-6...
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    4 Years & 100k miles/160k km Review & Range Test

    Glad to hear of other i Miev owners getting upwards of 100K Miles (160K km). All i Miev owners having reached the 100K mile (160k km) are encouraged to share their experience here. Congratulations jray3 on passing 100,000 miles with Mr Bean. Thanks for sharing your experience. Great...
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    Gear selector sensor/switch ??

    Here's an older post on this same situation . Some were lucky and got away with a cleaning and lubrication of the shifter system. Good luck with the fix.
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    would anybody be interested in parts ? like the HV battery?

    Sorry to hear of your bad luck. If you're parting it out , I would be interested in some parts. Shipping costs could be an issue - I'm in Canada. I'll send you a personal message.
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    i-MiEV Cuts Out After Hitting Bump

    Looking backward to my ICE driving days . Had a thought ..... I remember a similar situation where the owner had a huge amount of keys attached to the cars ignition switch. Over time & many miles the rattling keys damaged the ignition switch and the car car would periodically cut out.
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    How Well Does My Remaining Range Compare With Other Older Cars?

    I just did my end of month mileage recording.. I believe today I am over 190,xxx km ( 118,xxx miles) As for my Range remaining readings - keep in mind that my last 20 km (12 miles) drive home involves a climb of approximately 203 m ( 665 ft ) at a speed of about 50 kmph (30mph)...
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    Merry Christmas

    Happy Holidays to the gang here :D
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    Unexpected Turtle

    A few questions... What kind of mileage does he have?. Does this happen regularly or randomly? Has he tried other drive modes ( E , B ) when this happens. Did the car react as if it was in turtle mode ( speed limitations etc) when this happened? I agree a CaniOn reading would be an eye...
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    one month winter iMiev non-use in Canada - what to do?

    For 1 Canadian winter month..... I would try and get a neighbour to use it 1 day a week . Get him to charge it up the night before he drives it and would be nice if the charge in the battery is around 50 % or so when he's done.
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    Bay Area to Lake Tahoe Excursion

    Love road trips . Great photos of your adventure . We often take day long road trips when we have some time on weekends.
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    Fuel tank for diesel heater

    Some times to initiate the heater mode you need to move the temperature setting into the red for 10 seconds and then move it back to the green neutral position to get the diesel action in motion. I don't have the pipes insulated and also tied into the tank return installing the one way flow...
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    Fuel tank for diesel heater

    I can run the heater 3 - 3 1/2 hours with my 2 liter tank of diesel , depending on the temperature.
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    found ... GHW-M002 EV Remote

    Here's a link to a video a forum member (DonDakin) made on the remote operations. This will help if the remote is the one programmed to your car. If it's not, you need to program them to operate together. There is a posting here some where on how to...
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    Ultra cold weather range

    Thanks :D That's our other passion (Alternative home building) and retirement home. We offer tourist rentals through Airbnb as a part time retirement project
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    Ultra cold weather range

    I parked my 2012 - i Miev outside (2 winters) so it did get cold soaked overnight . When it was colder than -20 C I left it plugged in all night and would do two 1/.2 hr pre-heat sessions on defrost just before my departure. (I also left the seat heaters on for the preheating) Good luck...