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  1. J

    12V LiFePO4 and NOCO Battery Discussion

    FYI, I also tried this mod but with OVMS and hardwired dashcams, I kept getting the 12v battery going low enough that my car alarm would go off all the time, annoying the neighbours to no end. I had to switch back to lead acid and these keep dying every year, so I think my next step is to find a...
  2. J

    Tesla to J1772 adapter

    Ok so. I got frustrated after bringing my I-MiEV to Belgium and finding the Tesla gen2 destination charger would always error when I plugged in. Came back, ordered a gen2 Tesla wall connector on ebay and got to fiddling with the dip switches. In J1772 compatible mode, the unit always works with...
  3. J

    Install a Remote Control in a 2011 i-Miev

    Completely agree here, I've been reading countless forum threads on various sites (this one and speakev especially) and there doesn't seem to be any conclusive understanding of the CAN messages. Most people seem to have either gone the petrol/diesel heater route or given up it seems. There...