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    Vehicle For Sale Selling my 2012 as a parts car

    I have taken my 2012 black es off the road as it's battery is toast. I would like to sell the entire car to someone who can use the parts or will part it out. I would like to get it off my driveway. I will remove the cells as I can use them for projects. Otherwise the car is working and...
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    New Member with a New Technical Question

    Hi John, Nice find, the battery is worth more than you paid for the car. I think you are on the right track suspecting the battery. The symptom of no dash lights indicates no 12v power. That is your first check. Jumper cables and a good battery is all you need to check that. Do I need to...
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    Tech help needed with battery temp sensor [SOLVED]

    As a follow up, it was a loose nut on the terminal of cell 53. Problem solved. Thanks for you assistance Kiev.
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    Tech help needed with battery temp sensor [SOLVED]

    Kiev, Thanks for chiming in. I spoke with an EE neighbour and he concurs that a loose nut would cause the sensor behaviour. Taking the pack out to tighten a nut! What a pain. I will be thrilled if that is the only problem. Pete
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    Tech help needed with battery temp sensor [SOLVED]

    I just had a thought. Cell 53 is on the end of the cell block and the bus is bolted to it. Lets assume that the temp sensor is working, if the busbar was loose on the terminal would the terminal heat up quickly? Could that explain the behaviour of the sensor? I did have to loosen the nut in...
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    Tech help needed with battery temp sensor [SOLVED]

    That's the pack layout I have used (the correct one you just posted). Is the temperature sensor map in that thread correct?
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    Tech help needed with battery temp sensor [SOLVED]

    Hi All, I am looking for some assistance with an issue. Last week I dropped the pack in my 2012 to replace some weak cells. The job went smoothly (i am always nervous that I'm going to screw something up) and the car seemed fine until it shut down during a short test drive ( RBS light and car...
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    2012 i-MiEV SE parts car for sale

    Arrrrgghhhhh, I was the 2nd highest bidder. I was dreaming of that new battery! I was wishing I was closer and didn't have to factor in transport costs to Canada. If anyone knows the whereabouts of a low mileage battery please send me a note.
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    Our Gas Free Miles Travelled

    My little i just passed 200,000 km today, three weeks shy of its 8th birthday. I am going to surprise it by replacing its two most degraded cells for its birthday.
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    Looking for a couple of used cells

    Hi All, My battery is getting on in years. The capacity is bouncing around 24 AH and I have identified 4 cells that are very weak. I have two good spare cells and I am looking for at least 2 more. I'd be happy with anything above 30 AH's I'm hoping to replace the cells this year as the...
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    Trouble with gearbox, un-drivable at the moment

    I know this happened a long time ago now, but I want to let you know that you nailed the cause. It rolled fine in reverse, only moving forward caused the issue. Good Call. The issue has never recurred.
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    Add another OBC Failure

    PV1, It may be on its way to failing. My first charging problem "fixed" itself and the car charged fine for 3 days before the OBC stopped working for good. Keep it close home so you don't get stranded.
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    hobdrive - and i-MIEV ion zero, show electronic control units, reset errors

    Has anyone successfully read error codes using Hobdrive? TIA
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    Trouble with gearbox, un-drivable at the moment

    So I get to work this morning and my car was back to normal! I was quite relieved and I checked it five or six times throughout the day and then I drove it home. I downloaded Hobdrive and it showed no error codes. I am going to post in the Hobdrive thread and see if anyone has succesfully used...
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    Trouble with gearbox, un-drivable at the moment

    Last week was down to -8c but today its around +10c I'll check this first tomorrow. I didn't notice The RBS light did come on, and one other but only when I put pressed the accelerator hard. I'm going to get the i909 and see what codes I can find. I do hope it's an electronic issue, as I...
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    Trouble with gearbox, un-drivable at the moment

    :cry: I drove to work today, parked and plugged in as I always do. When I left at the end of the day the car was slow to move, it seemed like the e-brake was still on but it wasn't. I pressed harder on the accelerator and it lurched repeatedly as it moved forward almost like something in the...
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    Replacing Peugeot Ion 2012 OBC with I-MiEV 2017 OBC

    Radi513, Can you post a picture of the OBC? The videos in the link JoeS provided are of my car. I think the 2015 OBC is the same design as the 2013 I used. If it came with the cables then you should be able to change it out.
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    Swapping 2013 for 2012 OBC - Helpful Videos

    I learned quite a bit performing this swap including the correct names for the parts :lol: . The next time I spend some time on my car I'll take a video of what the whole installation looks like. I need to check it anyway as some of the connections I made were meant to be "temporary".
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    Swapping 2013 for 2012 OBC - Helpful Videos

    Swapping 2013 for 2012 OBC - Helpful (hopefully) Videos I recorded some of what I learned when I installed a 2013 OBC into my 2012 I-MIEV. Hopefully they are helpful. Hopefully I can embed these youtube videos sucesfully :?
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    Onboard Charger / DC-DC Interchangeability

    JoeS, I've have some videos that describe the swap. I will upload. Just have to find them first :oops: