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    C-ZERO Fault code P1A2A

    What country are you in? There are lots of repair options for that fault here in the UK.
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    New to the iMiev with a 2012 model

    No the BMS expects to see the correct number of cell voltages reported by the CMUs (the circuit boards on the battery modules). If you got the BMS from an 80 cell car you could theoretically reduce your pack to 80 cells and the car would start however the 80 cell cars had LEV50N cells and if...
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    Battery pack change plans

    Japanese built mievs have shorter vins.,identifying%20model%20and%20serial%20number.
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    Another ideea for upgrade battery

    Years ago there was a company that did a booster pack for the i-miev, it was a 2 or 4kwh battery in the boot, they connected it to the HV system and it was a 48v configuration with a dc boost converter up to ~350v so that it put power into the hv system when the car was on and not fully charged...
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    Double Battery with Selector Switch?

    You also need to change the comms plugs that control and communicate with the battery - its not exactly just a + and - wire.
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    2012 SE Not Starting, dealer want almost $8k for bad MCU inverter

    Shame the US is far from the UK as I fixed one of these last week for a garage (shop) here.
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    All the cars ive looked at have u1000, it relates to a component that was only fitted on japanese cars so your car doesnt have it and hence has the "no can comms" code. It isnt an issue. The reduction gear has 2 sensors - if they disagree then the car wont start or charge. Spray plenty of...
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    Blue 2011 iOn, Isle of Colonsay

    The resistor "fix" is really a bodge. The voltage measurement circuit has become unreliable and you're skewing it to pull it back in to range. The reason the voltage has to be correct in the MCU before the car will close the main contactors is to prevent sparking and so that the car can detect...
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    Battery Cell Replacement Availability UK

    Shame I didnt see this before - Cleevely EVs in Cheltenham UK have a stock of cells and many Hevra garages across the UK can get the cells from Cleevely and swap them out. Im based in the UK and have fixed several i-mievs (plus Citroen C-Zero and Peugeot ion as they were also branded here) by...
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    2011 IMiev with warranty replaced battery, non-runner, considering sale - UK, Devon

    What repair did you use for the MCU, was it a proper repair or the dangerous resistor bodge?
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    Not charging over 3,9 V per cell

    If the cells are a different chemistry then you should have moved the BMS from the donor car - the BMS is not inside the battery pack, it is under the back seat. If the battery pack is different then you need the BMS which goes with the pack !
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    2012 SE Not Starting, dealer want almost $8k for bad MCU inverter

    What are the fault codes? I have fixed loads of MCUs with P1A15 precharge fault (and I mean properly fixed by repairing failed components, not the dangerous resistor bodge !) Cheers
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    No READY. P1A15 error. Condenser charge timeout.

    Hi all, Its been interesting following this and Greg has sent me one of his circuit boards to try. What I don't understand though is what the actual issue is - the voltage measurement is low but as far as I can see the hybrid board doesnt actually measure the voltage, it is just an isolator...
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    No READY. P1A15 error. Condenser charge timeout.

    Nice one. If you could round this work off into a package that is relatively easy for people with moderate skills to install that would be great. I know of other cars at garages with this issue and they seem to be at a loss ! I couldnt see your PM so i've sent you one - I think this forum can...
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    No READY. P1A15 error. Condenser charge timeout.

    You guys have done some amazing work there!! Especially on the new circuit board that the new voltage measurement package sits on. I am one of the people with a car with P1A15 - can I buy a circuit board from you?! Will you offer these for sale to help other cars be fixed? Cheers!
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    Replace CMU?

    What country are you in? There are some specialist independent garages that can fix this in the UK, the ones that are part of the HEVRA network. Cheers.
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    anybody have or are breaking a car need front shock UK

    hi sorry for the late reply - Cleevely EV in Cheltenham had a miev they were using as a parts car to fix other vehicles, most likely still got the front shocks. cheers
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    my 2013 Peugeot iOn will not charge :(

    Blimey thats dedication ! :shock: To be fair when I had the traction battery out of my first i-miev it was dark with a light drizzle and I had got that far I couldn't resist taking the lid off..... Anyhow i'm honestly not sure what kind of sealant it is, its grey and looks to me like lead...
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    my 2013 Peugeot iOn will not charge :(

    The lids of the boxes under the boot have a sealant type stuff on, its not a gasket. You prise the lid off and it breaks the seal. Also the orange "fuse" under the passenger seat can be removed without taking the seat out - just push it back as far as it will go and its possible to unbolt the...
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    12V consumption and range increase

    Hi all, I have thought about this before - I found that the brake booster uses a lot ofamps, like 30 or 40 amps. I read of someone that had a failed booster and had to replace it - they said the new one was a lot lower power consumption. The booster does not run all the time but it would save...