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    Mitsubishi Canada sets sales record

    Mitsubishi North America has released sales numbers for 2011. Mitsubishi sold 79,020 vehicles in 2011, which was the highest year of sales since 2008. Mitsubishi North America sold 5,032 vehicles in December 2011. Of those vehicles sold, 80 of them were the Mitsubishi i-Miev Electric Vehicles...
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    2012 Mitsubishi i delivered to first retail customers in USA

    I'm not quite sure where these people have been, but there's definitely a lot of press surrounding the Mitsubishi i recently! The all electric Mitsubishi i is now making it's way to retail customers in the US. The 4 door hatchback first went on sale last month in Hawaii. Mitsubishi is now...
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    National Resources Canada names the Mitsubishi iMiev...

    National Resources Canada names Canada's most fuel efficient vehicles, and to the surprise of none, the Mitsubishi i-Miev made the list. The 2012 ecoEnergy for Vehicles Awards recognizes fuel-efficient vehicles sold in Canada in the different vehicle classes. Of the 10 different classes...
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    Mitsubishi Canada sets sales record

    Mitsubishi Motor Sales of Canada finished off the 2011 year with record sales for December. In December 2011, Mitsubishi of Canada sold 2,074 vehicles which is up 18% from December of 2010. According to Mitsubishi, those sales pushed Mitsubishi Motors Canada to 20,511 vehicle sales for the...
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    Mitsubishi to launch new electric truck

    Mitsubishi Motors has started developing an electric truck that will be targeted at ranchers, farmers, and contractors who use light trucks for their work. The Mitsubishi electric truck will be powered by an electric motor and will allow users to charge the battery pack off of normal household...
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    Australian Mitsubishi iMiEV sales

    The Mitsubishi iMiev is the first mass produced electric vehicle to be available in Australia. It's been on the market since August, but so far, only 5 Mitsubishi i-MiEVs per month are being sold Australia wide. According to a Mitsubishi i-Miev dealer in Canberra, there are about 10 Mitsubishi...
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    Electric Cars arrive in Nova Scotia

    The Mitsubishi iMiev has been highly anticipated here in the US and in Canada. Nova Scotia just reported that Mitsubishi iMiev electric vehicles have arrived at the autoport in Eastern Passage and should be at local dealers in about a week. Although some Mitsubishi dealers are ready to take...
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    Largest Electric Vehicle trial in Canada

    Hydro-Quebec, the power company for the province of Quebec, recently announced that 10 Mitsubishi iMiev electric vehicles were delivered to businesses around the Boucherville area. This completes the third and final phase of an electrical vehicle trial that first began in 2010, and will end in...
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    Mitsubishi teams up with Car Stations

    Mitsubishi announced last week that they had teamed up with Car Stations - the leading EV charging station database. CarStations will provide a status of local charging stations to users of the Mitsubishi i Trip Calculator application that is located on the Mitsubishi i Website and on Mitsubishi...
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    Open up your delivery schedule

    Good suggestion - I'm a little bit curious too why Mitsubishi, a company who has been building the i-Miev for a couple years and could surely ramp up production/meet demand, doesn't offer the Mitsubishi i nation wide and why it's such a slow roll out procedure. Perhaps they're cautious that...
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    Here's another Hello Kitty wrap on the Mitsubishi i:
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    Mitsubishi PX-Miev

    The Mitsubishi PX-MiEV is Mitsubishi's crossover version of the Mitsubishi i Miev. First announced/released/teased back in 2009, the Mitsubishi PX-Miev crossover was touted as a hybrid SUV with a 30 mile pure electric driving range. When not driving in electric, the PX-Miev would get power...
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    Senior Executives resign

    Two executives of Mitsubishi have resigned as of October 31. According to a reports, Mitsubishi is not planning to fill the executives positions in the near future. Two executives leaving the job include Gregory Adams – Vice President of Marketing in North America and Mike Krebs, Vice President...
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    Mitsubishi i production

    Mitsubishi Motors North America has kicked off production of the US Mitsubishi i-Miev, which we all know is called the Mitsubishi i in the USA. It's slightly larger than the Japanese and European models, and even the Canadian version. The Mitsubishi i will be launched in Hawaii, California...
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    Another Mitsubishi i First Drive review

    This time it's doing the reviewing, and their take on the US Spec Mitsubishi i-miev, called the Mitsubishi i in the US, is a little more positive than some of the others. A common thread amongst the Mitsubishi i reviews is that the car feels cheap inside and doesn't handle or feel...
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    Mitsubishi i being crash tested

    Apparently the Mitsubishi i battery pack automatically disconnects in the even of a crash to prevent fires. The cars reacted appropriately to crash tests, with the passenger compartment remaining intact and the airbags deploying as they should. Battery covers and other protection systems were...
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    Estonia receives 50 Mitsubishi i-Mievs

    As part of a deal made earlier this year, the government of Estonia received the first 50 of the 507 Mitsubishi i-Mievs it ordered. The government of Estonia purchased the Mitsubishi i-Mievs as part of it's policy to popularize electric vehicles throughout the country. To mark the arrival, a...
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    Mitsubishi i-Miev in Australia

    According to this article The Mitsubishi i-Miev was launched in September and there have only been ten buyers since then. I wonder if this is a supply problem, or if there really is only that much demand for...
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    Mitsubishi develops charging for apartment complexes

    Apartment complexes have long been a problem for residents who wish to charge their Mitsubishi i-Miev electric vehicle overnight. Now Mitsubishi has developed a system that keeps track of who charged their Mitsubishi i-Miev and for how long. The i-CHARGER can manage who, when, and how much...
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    The Mitsubishi i-Miev is in Bangkok too... Mitsubishi signed an agreement with the Metropolitan Electrical Authority to start joint field testing of the Mitsubishi i-Miev in Thailand.