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    Immobile i-MiEV with RBS and Electric Motor Unit Warning Lights

    try turning off ASC ? (before turning ignition on)
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    Who works on I-Mievs in the US?

    is your 2014 iMiev having OBC problem ? I have the impression that 2014 models have the 2nd generation OBC, which addressed the fuse problem. Do I have it wrong ?
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    Another ideea for upgrade battery

    sounds like an Enginer kit, which was designed for the Prius. It seems upgrading the pack is more less straight forward, cell replacement; it's the silly BMS software seemingly a major hurdle, for me anyway
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    Cheap CHAdeMO for Home

    have been keeping an eye for an inexpensive Chademo plug as well, hoping that there would be plenty in the States as more and more EVs go CCS...but still looking
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    Fault codes

    Kiev - where do you get all these schematics ?
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    common charging adapter

    for overnight charging when there's plenty of hours, even a 16A EVSE is sufficient. We have 2x Bolts and have been using the hacked (for 240vac, ~12A) EVSE that came with the vehicle for quite a while now.
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    12v Battery - All You Ever Wanted To Know

    that's a great find Joe, Amz has a suggestion for one with current sensing on the same web page, no idea of its accuracy OT: am looking for similar function 120/240AC monitor (with BT not wifi)
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    Level of charge question

    thanks for the tip, I'll check out the Shelly switch. I think controlling the J1772 trigger, which is a low voltage reed switch anyway, may be a decent work around Mr.Sparky. In fact, those cheapy xmas light timer has a simple reed switch inside, which can be modified to switch on/off rather...
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    Level of charge question

    vaguely recalled a discussion about possible damaging to the on-board charger by abrupt AC disconnect ? may be it is no longer the final verdict, it was during the early days of a host of inverter/charger failures
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    Protecting my new miev

    I think it'll be ok, though I would put a whitish cover given that it's black. And for sure keep the pack no more than 50%, 40% ideally. My 2014 iMiev has been sitting in my driveway for at least 4 yrs, but it's white. It's used occasionally when there's a power outage. Keeping the rodents...
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    Double Battery with Selector Switch?

    what about pulling the old Enginer Prius extender concept ? back in the early days, Enginer added a 4kwh 48v pack and a DC-DC boost to ~265vdc or so, and fed the stock Prius' pack directly to extend the effective electric miles...
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    Battery Replacement

    I wonder whether the pack's BMS slow capacity decay over time between calibration charges has been modified or eliminated ? always thought it's unneccessary. Can't think of any current EV if this slow decay
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    Car died while driving with lots of km left.

    I would put a charger on the 12v pronto, especially in the cold temperature. It is not getting charge by the iMiev. By the way, what year is your iMiev ? Worked briefly in Stavanger, beautiful fjords
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    My 2009 Mitsubishi I-miev in Southern California bought in 2015

    so did you buy back from the insurance company ? as it was still drivable ? guess not as your pix caption says "a pick up truck will fill that parking spot"
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    Our Gas Free Miles Travelled

    not just the Tesla, the Bolts as well. All my limited sample, iMiev, 2-Bolt, 1-90D, have similar mile/kwh in non-highway speed. Am toying with getting the Lightning, which is even heavier, plus those high rolling resistant tires. Of course my samples are all anecdotal, the specs at...
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    Log of CAN messages between BMU and CMU boards ?

    The calendar aging never quite makes sense in my feeble mind. Do other EV BMS have this slow artificial capacity reduction ? In fact, is it the reason why the iMiev requires occasional capacity calibration, fully charge from 2 bars ? how can we disable this calendar aging "feature" ?
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    Why is everything coming on when hook up charged 12v battery

    I have one these cheapy solar tender on the dash with the wire running outside directly to the battery under the hood. It seems to really help with the slow drain.
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    Our Gas Free Miles Travelled

    Our Boltev & Tesla 90D have average consumption display, which give decent figures over long enough statistics. For such a lighter vehicle, I was expecting the iMiev to have an outside mile/kwh; but it's right in the average with the Bolts, and heavy Tesla. These figures are averages of...
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    Our Gas Free Miles Travelled

    Happy New Year every one. Our combined EV miles are now over 300,000; between an i, 2x Bolt, and a Tesla S. A nagging question is why the similar average efficiency (miles/kwh for example); across such seemingly different platforms. My understanding is that this rule-of-thumb efficiency is...
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    EV charger power

    not straight forward but doable. The pilot signal, a 1khz +-12v square-wave, coming out of the charger can be intercepted and replaced with an external wave. There's a nice description of J1772 stuff on wiki. I personally have yet to do this, but it's on my to-do list