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  1. J

    I can't disconnect this

    @Negue, while I could simply delete your posts, perhaps it would be more informative if you first describe exactly what it is that you had wanted to disconnect and then tell us what you did to accomplish that? We'll all learn from it. If you'd rather have me delete this thread, just post here...
  2. J

    Can I charge from this solar system?

    To answer your question: this is an old one - try it at your own risk. Need to do the math as 1.2kWh of capacity (100Ah 12v battery) in each of those Power Pods isn't going to get too much of a charge into your car. With two of...
  3. J

    New Peugeot iOn Owner Ireland

    @Mr EV Ireland, welcome to the forum. In your neck of the woods we have a very astute active member on this forum (@MickeyS70). Hope he'll chime in. You need something to read the car's error codes and peek inside the car...
  4. J

    common charging adapter

    Weogo, that's perfect! It's been years since I looked in on OpenEVSE and am impressed by their product line and implementation. Being able to program how many kWh to load into the battery sure works for our i-MiEV or any car which cannot preset the maximum charge level.
  5. J

    12v Battery - All You Ever Wanted To Know

    Here is a bluetooth-connected recording 12v battery monitor that is excellent for measuring and tracking our 12v battery. Unlike other relatively-inexpensive instruments, this one has proven to be quite accurate. I use it with an iPhone. I learned about it on the Kona Electric forum where that...
  6. J

    common charging adapter

    RV parks typically have NEMA 14-50 so I would indeed fit a NEMA 14-50P onto the EVSE. For longer trips I would also get a Tesla --> J1772 adapter as many places have installed Tesla HPWC (High Power Wall Connector) stations, so you won't even need your portable EVSE. If you are going to...
  7. J

    OBC Swapping Gen1 to Gen 2

    Is there a list of all the OBC Part Numbers identifying their applicability? I purchased three allegedly brand-new OBCs from a third party and all that works is the 12v dc-dc but there appears to be a 'failure to communicate' to handle the J1772 input.
  8. J

    Level of charge question

    Coulomb, thank you for this and your point is well taken. I get the science and am not concerned about the cheap timer's contacts; however, once inside the OBC I thought that the rectified input filter network had large enough capacitors (800µF 450vdc?) to ameliorate the sudden disconnect surge...
  9. J

    Level of charge question

    Blackbelt, a Range Remaining of 63 miles is a tribute to your wife's featherfooting (especially in winter) as nowadays that is a very good number for a 2012 i-MiEV with original batteries. For years we charged our cars using an Intermatic timer...
  10. J

    Level of charge question

    This topic has been beat to death on virtually every BEV forum, and we've had a fair number of discussions ourselves. Best to ignore the early postings. Yes, every manufacturer has their own version of a safety margin at both the top and bottom end. In the case of our i-MiEV, at the top end...
  11. J

    Gearbox change from i=6,066 to i=7,065

    Sławek, thank you for pointing this out as I don't recall that gear ratios were ever discussed on this forum before. Also, did not realize that the newer i-MiEV has a higher torque. I do not have an answer to your question. For myself and our two 2012 SE, I would not wish a higher ratio as the...
  12. J

    Admin: Posting Pictures on this Forum

    With the dramatically-different software introduced on 18 December 2023 we can now post our images directly in very many formats. TechAdmin recommended 800Wx600H with a maximum file size of 10240kb and said the following formats are supported: txt pdf png jpg jpeg jpe gif TechAdmin also...
  13. J

    And we can still use the China cabinet!

    Fantastic! Indeed, quite a rarity. Gotcha beat for BEV home decorating... Oops, sorry, off-topic (not i-MiEV):)
  14. J

    12V battery cumulative drain higher then overall charging.

    @georgetheboat, welcome to the forum. Just like electric cars, IMO electric boats are the future. Your range is still excellent - I take it that your iOn is newer than 2012 as that indicates LEV50N cells? Our i-MiEV stock 12v battery is ideally 33Ah, and I just slap a float charger on any of my...
  15. J

    Seeking Quality and Affordable Maintenance for I-Miev in Raleigh/Durham Area

    @martinwinlow, I enjoy your website and thank you for providing the tables. Yes, I forgot to mention the cabin air filter - although I've replaced it in the past, I now just blast it clean with some compressed air and put it back. I check the brake fluid with test strips and, to date, have not...
  16. J

    Seeking Quality and Affordable Maintenance for I-Miev in Raleigh/Durham Area

    @cuthbertdavies, welcome to the forum. Maintenance, what's that? Things like checking fluid levels (under the hood and under the rear lid), tire pressure, and windshield wiper blade condition you can do yourself. Whenever you get your tires replaced you can ask the tire shop to check your...
  17. J

    P0C73 Coolant Pump Error

    @Bruce, I was able to change the thread title by going to your first post and editing it. Dunno if you might have been able to do this yourself (as the original author) as we're still learning the intricacies of this new forum software. Good luck with your coolant pump quest!
  18. J

    12V LiFePO4 and NOCO Battery Discussion

    I suspect that your dashcams only turn on when the car is in ACC or READY(?); however, your OVMS is attached to the OBDII port and draws how much current? I had previously found that my bluetooth dongle IIRC drew about 60ma which, over 24 hours means 1.44Ah and if I were leave my car untouched...
  19. J

    12v Battery - All You Ever Wanted To Know

    The discussions regarding 12v LiFePO4 and the NOCO brand battery have been moved into their own thread:
  20. J

    12V LiFePO4 and NOCO Battery Discussion

    This thread was created on 10 February 2024 by extracting all (I think?) the 12v LiFePO4 discussions from the 12v Battery - All You Ever Wanted To Know thread. BTW, my NOCO NLP30 8Ah 12v battery continues to work admirably in my daily driver and I haven't seen its voltage (as measured at the...