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    CMU CAN ‘spoofing’

    Probably a solder joint as replacing a SMD chip was a first for me... See some photos in links below The voltage formula described in the link didn't...
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    CMU CAN ‘spoofing’

    I had a long running issue in my 2012 Imiev where cell 88 voltage started to creep up compaired to the rest of the pack. This offset wasn’t changing under load therefore I deducted that the problem is CMU12 and not the cell itself. I have replaced the LTC chip on the very same board before so I...
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    Fault codes

    Hi Try this, it worked for me: Mickey
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    Intermittent false starts, SOC bars slowly rise after the happy chime but no READY light.

    Hi This strange behavior has been reported beforehand, no explanation though..
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    New Peugeot iOn Owner Ireland

    Hello Derek and welcome Yes, you're on the right track diagnosing the issue, however solving the problem permanently may require replacing the main battery altogether. But let's start with the basics, although not necessarily the cause of your problem, replace the 12V battery first as a weak...
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    Main Traction Battery Upgrade i-MiEV

    Yes, I would certainly keep above 3V at least until you know the low voltage cut off is working. Easy enough to test though: set SoC to a high value when cell voltage is low and turn on the heat, keep an eye on cell voltages with OBDZero and see if there is ‘native’ low voltage protection.
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    Another ideea for upgrade battery

    Unfortunately there isn’t anything out there that you could re-purpose from another EV and a BMU modification of some sort is required for any chemistry other than LEV50x.
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    Main Traction Battery Upgrade i-MiEV

    There are different chemistry mixtures of NMC batteries available, each with their own characteristics. David’s calculations are based on the diagram in post #85 where 3.6V is approximately 10% SoC. Frud is using a different ‘flavour’ so to speak but I gather David is confident Piev’s cells...
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    Main Traction Battery Upgrade i-MiEV

    I think the article clearly shows that at the end of the day determining a SoC from a cell voltage depends on various variables (temperature, SoH and exact chemistry to name a few). Is it therefore really necessary to try and calculate SoC so precisely or will a more simple approach be good...
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    Main Traction Battery Upgrade i-MiEV

    I'm using a 2015 Zoe NMC pack in my solar storage and specifically got a 3rd party BMS capable of actively balancing the cells. I disabled the function to see how much they drift over time; could have saved that money, the cells are still within the same 3mV after a year of daily use. Similar...
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    No READY. P1A15 error. Condenser charge timeout.

    For starters you seem to have a problem with your 12V aux battery, might be no harm to charge it fully overnight. What are the DTCs that you cannot not clear?
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    Main Traction Battery Upgrade i-MiEV

    Interesting take, but unfortunately cell internal resistance isn’t a constant either; it is influenced by various factors, most importantly temperature. As PIEV mentioned, the coulomb counting method is based on real-time, measured values. It needs however an accurate starting point and...
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    Not charging - 1 cell shows 96V instead of 3,75V

    Sorry I’m confused, the owner paid €1700 for a repair that clearly wasn’t done correctly and instead of bringing it back to Bosch has tasked you to fix it? Maybe talk to the insurance company again, they seem to have more leverage than an ordinary customer? I would keep quiet about what you...
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    Not charging - 1 cell shows 96V instead of 3,75V

    I would bring the car back to the service Center and get them to clean up this mess..
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    Not charging - 1 cell shows 96V instead of 3,75V

    Check out below for some pointers
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    PM from "dl3a83" new member (cell imbalance in C-zero)

    Hi there You need to significantly up the current to simulate driving conditions: at full throttle up to 150A are going trough each cell, even moderate eco driving will still be around 50A (1C). From experience of others replacing a few bad cells will only bring a short term gain, ideally you...
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    Level of charge question

    Maybe something like this may work for you
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    Main Traction Battery Upgrade i-MiEV

    That’s already been tried, while the general consensus was that it should work, in practice it didn’t for reasons unknown…
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    Not charging - 1 cell shows 96V instead of 3,75V

    I have replaced the LTC chip myself as no phone shop would touch it, might have better luck with a laptop repair store. Anyway I got a hot air solder station and managed just fine. But Kiev is right it may be just a blown SMD fuse. Tip: do a bit of practice with some obsolete smd boards first...
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    C-ZERO Fault code P1A2A

    Hi there Some useful info from the service manual