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    Inconsistent forum search?

    So, about ten minutes go, I did a forum search on the word "shudder." I have a tiny shimmy, only detectable at very low speeds without acceleration or braking. But that's not why I am posting. I found a thread about someone who was experiencing a bit of a shudder on the highway at a particular...
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    Looking for pictures or measurements of Torklift Ecohitch

    I might be able to approximate. I just don't think that guessing at the shape of an object is the most reliable way to get dimensions, you know what I mean? I've already looked at the Torklift Ecohitch installed manual, and looked at my car from underneath, and have made some measurements, but...
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    Looking for pictures or measurements of Torklift Ecohitch

    Do any of you folks out there have any pictures or images of an i-MiEV compatible Torklift Ecohitch? I am working on a plan to modify other Torklift hitch products to our cars, but in the absence of an actual hitch, I'm just guessing from cached images on Google. I posted my request over here...
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    i-MiEV Trailer Hitch Wanted

    Does anyone out there have a real Torklift Ecohitch that is not installed? Or pics of a real one? or measurements of a real one? I have this sailboat project I'm working on, and I'd really like to know if I am speccing out my boat & trailer to be towed to the ramp by my i-MiEV, or if I have to...
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    New owner with cabin preconditioning questions

    So, this frosty morning in Portland, I attempted to preheat as per usual - ten minutes of heater, followed by thirty minutes of defrost - but it didn't work at all. Furthermore, it took three tries to start the car and get it into Ready mode. The first two tries, I just got a ding and a 12v...
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    New owner with cabin preconditioning questions

    Many thanks, folks. I didn't find any of this previously; I picked poor search terms. It does work as expected, I just needed to leave the right settings on in the car when I plugged in.
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    New owner with cabin preconditioning questions

    I recently got a good deal on a used 2012 i-MIEV with decent range. I can't tell, from what I've read in the manual and on this forum, if my activation of cabin pre-heating from the remote is doing what it should. When running the heater from the battery on the road, of course, it's not hard at...
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    Battery Upgrade Service

    There have been posts about it here, let me see if I can dig 'em up.... Erm. The thread about the Australian service must have been on another forum, probably AEVA forums: the After searching my history, I found a link to the Aussies who are operating this service...