Mitsubishi iMiev Can Help Fleet Managers Go Electric

Despite the fact that the electric car market is still in its relative infancy, most experts – and a significant number of consumers – would agree that the world is ready for this most energy-efficient mode of transport. The coming decade will see major innovations from just about every major vehicle manufacturer.

The Mitsubishi iMiEV – also badged as the Peugeot iOn and Citroën C-Zero in Europe – has proved to be as ground-breaking as any of the recent additions to the market, and it has sold in encouraging numbers since its release. Here are four reasons why it, and others like it, will continue to set the pace in the next few years and become a popular choice with fleet managers around the globe.Mitsubishi X i-MiEV Electric Vehicle

Effect on the environment
It goes without saying that electric cars are likely to be the backbone of the modern vehicle’s future, especially now that battery charging times are improving. There was a time when the ratio of battery/gasoline usage was deemed to be totally impractical, but this has been gradually evolving for the better lately. It may be some time, of course, before the everyday family car will run on 100% electricity, but that day is surely coming.

Fuel costs
It seems the price of gasoline is almost permanently on the increase these days, and this is a particular problem for drivers of larger vehicles. While the world still struggles to cope with the effects of a long-term recession, any opportunity to save money simply has to be taken seriously. While battery recharging is never likely to be free, it does at least represent a chance to find some truly significant savings.

Maintenance costs
Needless to say, fuel isn’t the only running cost that keeps a car on the road. Anyone who has recently had to have any of their fleet vehicles repaired will know all about the exorbitant price of maintenance, and of how it can affect the family’s finances. The good news is that electric cars have fewer moving parts to worry about, so there is less opportunity for things to go wrong. Maintenance will still be an issue, of course, but not perhaps a pressing one.

Noise pollution
Even the most modern gasoline-engine cars are somewhat noisy, especially when they are roaring along the motorways and autobahns of the world. The electric motor is almost silent, and this comes as welcome news to people who live beside fast, busy roads. When the day arrives when we are all driving electric vehicles – and it surely will – the noise pollution levels of cities and towns all over the world will drop dramatically.

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