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Chademo door release cable replacement - RHD

I've just had to replace a Chademo release cable on a C-zero. Citreon and Peugeot says the cable is no longer available, however it is from Mitsubishi, part number 5943A115 for a RHD vehicle.

The process is straight forward and should take no more than 45 minutes. Start by folding rear seats, lifting carpet over motor cover and fold on top of seats. remove rear middle trim and then both side trims, not that they hook into the rear sill trims. remove both sill trims on the drivers side (lift rear lower seat cushion slightly when removing rear sill trim). Unscrew lever under seat and detach cable. Pull carpet from under b-pillar trim and start removing cable, note it's taped to the floor behind drivers seat, a gentle pull releases it.

From inside the car at the rear you need to squeaze the 2 tabs that hold the catch in and then pull it out through the door opening. Unhook cable and fit new cable in reverse order. Follow link for pictures.

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