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BEVs With Flat Floor Cargo Compartment

Since we almost never put the back seats up, one of my favorite i-MiEV features is its huge (for a car this size) 50+cuft cargo capacity and the perfectly-flat floor where I permanently carry a few immobilized Rubbermade containers. This flat floor was standard on station wagons, which have been usurped by SUVs and their variants.


The other feature I would really like is the ability to drive with one pedal and/or have paddles (like the Kona EV or Kia Niro EV) and be able to modulate the regen all the way from zero to full regen strongly stopping the car.

Kicking our i-MiEV into Neutral is super-easy, but I have difficulty doing it that easily on other BEVs.

Can anyone point to any BEVs in North America which have both a flat floor AND regen controllable from zero to full-stopping?

I'm willing to sacrifice our i-MiEV's fantastic turning radius, second only to a London Taxi and Smart EV (although the VW ID.4 comes close).

I realize these are personal quirks, but I am on the lookout for a future longer-range replacement of one of our i-MiEVs due to slowly increasing CHAdeMO charging station availability anxiety.
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Re: BEVs With Flat Floor Cargo Compartment

On the ID.4 Premium models (First Edition and Pro S) they added a false floor to the rear half of the cargo compartment to make it a flat floor at the same elevation as the folded seatbacks, which seems like a terrible waste of space to me - You end up with a flat floor with 3 or 4 inches of basically unusable space under it and that reduces your over all cargo cubic ft . . . . unless they count that basically unusable space under the false floor. Thankfully, my Pro model doesn't have that 'upgrade' and I'm glad it doesn't

Got the fist thousand miles on the car Joe, including 3 trips to the EA fast charger. Loving it and glad I chose it over all the others. For a full sized car, the 33.5 foot turning circle really is a great feature - I'll take that over the flat floor any day. The AWD version doesn't have as tight a turning circle, likely because of the front CV axles

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