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Water pump work permanently

Posted: Sat Apr 10, 2021 8:25 am
by kactus78
I buy a Citroen C-zero (2015, 35kW engine, 64000 km). :D . SoC 83%
Until the arrival of winter, CHADEMO is loaded the battery up to 80% and the distance estimative it was 100 km. At a certain moment, something happened and now it charge only 78% and the distance estimative is 80-84 km.
I go quietly, I don't accelerate.
At the same time, I noticed that the water pump, which cools the inverter, is permanently working at 4200 rpm, it has not disconnected at all for a month, maybe more. :shock:
During the test, we noticed that the temperature sensor from the saloon heating shows the temperature 20 degrees Celsius higher.
Has anyone encountered such a problem?