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As many of us know, searching this forum leaves something to be desired.

A few years back we added a number of subforum categories in order to keep things organized and more-easily retrievable.

What I occasionally do is move threads (topics) into what I consider appropriate subforums; for example, anything dealing with batteries and battery charging and onboard charger (OBC) I try to keep grouped in the Batteries and Battery Management subforum under Technical Discussions.

If you ever go to a subforum and can't find your thread because it may have been moved, you can usually click on "Active Topics" at the top of the page to find that topic if the posts were recent, or else do a search by topic title using our search engine.

If any of you think a recently-discussed topic should belong in a more-appropriate subforum, feel free to PM me and I'll be happy to move it.

As an aside, just a reminder that when using Google to search our forum it is simply a matter of entering first the search term and then
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