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Re: Power consumption for balancing the battery ??

thomash85715 wrote:So glad to hear the choir in full voice and I am joining in. Wisdom of the initial switch is obvious but... the people whispering in other ear are trying to scare me with the big battery fail scenario. Yes a 2012 used i-MiEV still has warranty left but what if, what if, what if everyone asks. If the batteries fail soon after the 8 year period is up in 2020, what oh what would I do? I offer that no one can predict the future, the cost then of replacement is likely to be lower than it is right now, and please I hope there is more to offer on this as it does concern me.
thomash85715 - I bought my car banking that there would be a better replacement solution when my battery finally gives up the ghost. EVWest is a company down in CA that are doing EV conversions of classic cars. They don't do a conversion unless they can get 200+ miiles out of it. So, I am hoping, that there will be someone who will be able to replace my battery with a lighter, more power dense, longer range battery in a few years - complete with a new charger that is bigger than what I have - and all integrated into the OEM BMS. (fingers crossed!!!)
Until then, I'm still loving my little city car!!
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