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ComEd's Hourly Pricing Program

ComEd's Hourly Pricing Program helps EV owners lower their charging costs by taking advantage of hourly electricity prices which are typically low during the overnight hours.

If you live in the Chicagoland area watch this quick video on the program or check out the Hourly Pricing website to learn more.

We have approximately 400 EV owners within the ComEd territory on the program. Here's what a few of our EV participants have to say about the program.
Love using it! My monthly power bill went down, even with the added EV. Hourly Pricing is a necessity for any EV owner!
—Eric N., Hourly Pricing participant since 2013
ComEd's Hourly Pricing has really lowered my electric vehicle fuel costs. I couldn't be happier.
—Mel S., Hourly Pricing participant since 2014
ComEd's Hourly Pricing is a great program for any EV owner!
—Joseph K., Hourly Pricing participant since 2014
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Re: ComEd's Hourly Pricing Program

Interesting ComEd reachout. I see that there are not enough renewables (yet?) to affect their rate structure.

Our California utilities have finally awakened to the upcoming Duck Curve - ... tFacts.pdf
and have just done away with one of the more favorable rate structures (for those of us with solar) to compensate: ...
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Re: ComEd's Hourly Pricing Program

Just curious (besides that I wonder if this is a one time posting) Is the 'BASE" amount for this program HIGHER then the regular pricing.

Here in MA, if you do the time pricing the base price is much higher, therefore making it not worth the change.
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Re: ComEd's Hourly Pricing Program

I live in the Chicagoland area and switched to ComEd's hourly pricing program 18 months ago. To date, I have saved 24.8% ($311.19) vs. ComEd's standard residential billing program. I've been very pleased with the program and its savings. Of course, it's not for everyone. However, if you are able to shift a significant amount of your heavy-load electric usage to the off-hours, your savings can be dramatic. It should pretty much be a no-brainer for anyone with an EV as you should be able to easily schedule your charging during the overnight hours. Theoretically, it is possible to get paid to charge your EV in the wee hours of the night. If ever there is significant supply vs. demand in the overnight hours, it is possible for the market rate to dip into the negative.

Something I really like about the hourly pricing program is the pricing notifications. You can review current real-time prices and day-ahead prices. You can set notifications for price increase thresholds. ComEd will send you a text or email or both if the hourly price ever increases over a set threshold. This will give you the opportunity to postpone any heavy-demand electric activity until after the price drops.

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