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Parting out two cars

I am salvaging a blue 2014 and a silver 2012 SE. Sorry, both batteries are taken, no remotes.

All silver SE body electronics and the parts other than the left front fender and strut are available (left doors and left rear fender are scratched), both bumpers and covers are good. This car only had 31k miles and was hit while parked, so airbags, etc. are all intact. Wheels and seats are gone.

The Blue 2014 is down to the pristine left side doors and tailgate, plus brown driver's seat, no rear seat. Drivetrain and electronic modules are intact, as are most braking components.

I don't have any OEM wheels available, but could part with a universal donut spare or two.

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Re: Parting out two cars

Hi jray3,

I just tried to PM you, but I'm not sure that it went through. I may be in the need for a heater and/or pump for one of my 2016 imievs. Are these still available?

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Re: Parting out two cars

Do either of these cars have an arm rest?
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Re: Parting out two cars

Interested in driver's side headlight unit, still available?
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Re: Parting out two cars

I am looking for a heater pump; the water pump under the front hood for the cabin heating.
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Re: Parting out two cars

Looks like jray is taking a nap or something
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Re: Parting out two cars

How about the OBC? Small 5"X5" box with orange cables on top of the inverter box.
Mine just went out. Can't charge it up.

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