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i-MiEV Successor

Finally, the collaboration of Nissan and Mitsubishi is producing this nextgen full-electric Kei car which, sadly, we probably won't see in the US as the range using the 20kWh pack will be (ignorantly) criticized despite's the car's suitability for most people's daily needs. ... ge-demand/
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Re: i-MiEV Successor

You can freely import EVs if they are small enough to meet nev requirements

(Aka both crash and pollution exempt)

If they would throw in a little 660cc range extender you could use that car anywhere without limits.

Unfortunate we will never see the Nissan iPower hybrid in the us let alone as a plug in.

Something interesting is that there is one company that can repower a legacy IMIEV for up to 150miles of range with a new battery.
Sadly I believe it’s euro centric only

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