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Re: I-Miev hot rod, anyone?

Donor was a perfectly nice, running car I bought from a dealer in Norway (more EV's in Norway than in Sweden). Since this is my first EV I thought it was easier to start with something I could test drive.
I had planned to build a V8 Hot Rod (I had the Willys body) but one day I just realized how stupid that would be with todays gas prices :o
So I did some research and found that the I-MiEV had the same wheel base and track as a Willys 77! Once the body was removed the "frame" that the battery mounts to actually look almost exactly like a 30's frame.
Apologies to the purists for cutting up a nice I-MiEV :D
PV1 wrote: Tue Jul 26, 2022 10:54 am Pretty cool!

What's the backstory on the donor car? Was it a wreck?
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Re: I-Miev hot rod, anyone?

If you were in North America, I think a lot more of us would be mad as there are so few of them. World/Euro-spec I-MiEVs are quite numerous.
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Re: I-Miev hot rod, anyone?

True, Norway is full of them. But next time I'll try to find a wreck, I've learnt a lot from building this one
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Re: I-Miev hot rod, anyone?

jojje63 wrote: Tue Jul 26, 2022 9:52 am Yes that would be fun too, for about a day :D
This is more my style. Not even one person has guessed I'm building an EV when I' tell them I'm building a new hot rod, so mission accomplished :mrgreen:
I won't drive it to Stockholm any time soon so you have to come south if you want to try it!
dopey wrote: Tue Jul 26, 2022 4:22 am That was not the direction I assumed seeing 'hot rod i-imiev', I was expecting an LS1 crammed in the backseat.

Epic! Noticed Sweden, but unfortunately i'm Stockholm. :)

Cant' blame you there, I made the mistake of driving mine the day I got it from Stockholm to Karlstad to visit family. Have an s60r I should of driven but hey, new car why not take it.

Boy did I underestimate the battery degradation in a 11 year old car, range decimation on the highway, or fact Chademo charging seems to give less and less range each charge. Arrived around 0430 the next morning :D .........then had to drive it back a few days later. She will now stay in the stockholm area for the rest of her life :)

Cannot imagine Skåne to stockholm in a stock one :D

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