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Indicator (Car!) keeps comes on from time to time

I don't know the exact name of the indicator, but it looks like a car and there's a big exclamation (!) mark in the middle. Manual says it has something to do with the lithium (drive) batteries.
This light comes on apparently randomly, I think sometimes when it's cold (around -15C / 5F or lower), and usually stays on while the car is on. Despite it coming on, everything seems to work just fine. It will always go away after the car is charged, and sometimes even when the car is just turned off. State of charge doesn't seem to have anything to do with it (full, half full, doesn't matter).

I am reluctant to bring it to the dealership since the problem always goes away, I could bring it there and they'll just say they didn't see anything wrong and charge me a few hundred for nothing. Is there some diagnostic I can do? I have the caniOn 152 app, although I haven't managed use it while the icon was on the dash. Should I worry about it?



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